You finish the story winner!

We have a winner!  The guest writer, 8 year old Little Bit, has swept the board with his ending to the Adventures of Butch and Ti Du.

Congratulations, Little Bit!  Cammy, his grandmother, is a regular reader and commenter here.  I”m so glad she mentioned his story-telling ability and thank her for getting him to enter the contest.

I will be signing a copy of the book  and sending it off to him soon!

Again, thanks to all who participated!  It was fun!

Coming soon:  Grand Isle Beach Sweep!  or “Who got to drive the 4 wheeler?”

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  1. Little Bit loves to read and to be read to!! He is in a slump this week though. All of his brothers are in band camps and he is stuck at home until school starts Monday. But, he has Tigger, his little chichacha, two crazy kitty cats and a big, yellow, lab to romp with.

    Sometimes that boys imagination worries me. LOL!! He will either be a politician or a lawyer some day.

  2. I sent you the info and hope I got it thru.

    By the way, did you figure out how Butch was getting lose?

    1. No, Cammy, we didn’t. But your grandson was right about how he got in the boat. He jumped in from the dock and the momentum caused the boat to push away from the dock, but I’m not sure why he wouldn’t jump in. He loves the water. There probably had been a gator lurking nearby.