Youth Angler of the Year Essay Contest — 10 Comments

  1. That is a great contest. Get the kids outdoors, teach them life lessons and how to survive/fish and reward them with a great gift. Love it.

    • That’s how we’re hoping the parents who see this ad in their local newspaper will feel. Doing our best to get the word out every way we can!

  2. I’ll be passing this on to at least one of my grandsons. He is passionate about fishing. He is really good. Today is his 12th birthday and he asked for a Fly Rod and Reel and a fly tying kit. Now to convince him this essay wouldn’t be “homework”. LOL

    • What a cool kid! AND he wants to learn to tie flies! Well, he might just be a great contender for the Youth Angler of the Year award. Tell him, if he wins, we have a really great time at our banquets. Lots of great raffle items, including a couple big guns, rods, reels, etc. Of course, I would expect to see you there, too! I really hope he wants to participate. He has until the end of June to go on a memorable trip and write about it!

  3. blu has a lifetime sportsman license for Illinois.
    Wonderful thing really.

    Stef, got other fly guys in family? It is a blast.

      • There’s more fly fishing than you’d think here in Texas. Out west and in the hill country, where there are cold, clear rivers, they release rainbow trout and the guys have a blast. I think the people who can tie some of those fancy flies are just amazing.

        Great contest! I hope you’re getting lots of entries.

        • I hope it will be a great incentive for our fishing youth. The Youth Hunter Award was established a few years ago, and they always have good results. And to see those kids receiving their awards at the banquet, and the pride on the faces of family members is just priceless. We make a big deal of it, and have them pose for photos, etc. Last year, a brother and sister won male and female hunter of the year. Their family and extended family took up an entire row of 12 banquet seats!! We’re doing this to encourage parents who hunt and fish to include their kids and carry on the heritage. It seems with all the video games, kids are getting outside less and less; hopefully this will encourage a few of those who are on the fence about fishing to accept the invitation to go. Besides, we have such a great time at our banquets–clean, G-rated family fun!

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