Zydeco, here we go! — 28 Comments

  1. I love Zydeco! After my first trip to Louisiana, I actually took Zydeco lessons in Houston. And lest you think it was some citified version, our instructor was born and bred in Lafayette. He knew his steps, and he knew his students. He used to say, “All you power-dressed ladies who are used to being in charge? I’m gonna make you FOLLOW, y’hear?” 🙂

    He told us “zydeco” comes from a French phrase les haricots sont pas sales, literally, “the snap beans are not salty”. It’s a metaphor for hard times that started showing up in songs. Eventually the pronunciation kind of slid from les haricots to “zydeco”. I’ve seen the same explanation elsewhere, so it might be true. Works for me, anyhow.

    What we need is a road trip to Whiskey River over at the Henderson levee. I’ve NEVER had more fun anywhere! Thanks for this great post, and for bringing up the memories.

  2. I love zydeco also! I’ll meet you at Whiskey River or maybe at Cafe Des Amis for a zydeco breakfast!

    Wendy – it sounds like it was a great time.

  3. Those boots may have been nice, but I bet they don’t come close in beauty or workmanship to those “Louisiana ” boots you posted a photo of about 4(?) yrs. ago. Will you dig out that photo again to show everyone? BTW, Who was the owner of that work of art in leather? I’m glad y’all had a good time dancing. Can’t wait for the “movie” to come out.

  4. Never could dance. I haven’t got artistic genes and it always killed the back. The back was bad before any exposure to dance. Heard all about that zydeco on ‘American Roots’ back couple week.

  5. It was a blast! I was hoping Cindy might share Del for a few dances, but no dice! So “free dancing” was the order of the night – no partner needed!

  6. Blu saw a few King Cakes today at Schnuck’s and is making kielbasa winter root veggie cabbage thing as we speak.

  7. Some hard to pronounce or remember bakery in St. Louis, Mo. Schnuck’s is from there originally. I might buy one if I go down tonight.

  8. I thought it was my eyes. I can’t see the computer screen well with or with out my glasses. I need Trifocals.

  9. Well I just found out there is a cool zydeco accordion app for iPad as well as bag pipes etc. Gonna be fun thing soon.

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