Farm Alligator Returns


Farm Alligator Returns.  Sounds like the title of a children’s picture book, doesn’t it?  Far from a kid’s story, the return of alligators is big business in coastal Louisiana.  Several times a year in the low-lying areas of brackish, intermediate, … Continue reading

Fresh Tomato Sandwich, Fresh Figs, and a month in the life . . .

Summer LUnch

This morning I noticed a hand-painted sign near the road at a little old man’s house just up the road, so I whipped in and bought 9 beautiful, home-grown tomatoes for $3.50, and he threw in the fresh-picked “Improved Celeste” figs … Continue reading

Chantilly Berry Trifle

Berry Chantilly Trifle

This is my favorite spring-time, berry-season dessert, and it was adapted by my Dotter from the Chantilly Cake baked by local Rouse’s supermarket bakeries and Whole Foods.  We first tasted the cake at my oldest son’s birthday party several years … Continue reading