Fig Chutney from England by Way of Southwest France

Fig Chutney with pain de campagne, baked freshly every morning by in the village, Cantal cheese made east of her home near where the Dordogne rises.

Deep in a quaint hamlet in the region of Dordogne, centered on the Dordogne River, an English woman named Kathy sits at her desk in a loft above the kitchen of her 1740s French farmhouse. Her Internet travels take her to places like Bayou Country in south Louisiana, and eventually to this blog via my recipe for fig preserves.   Kathy’s farmhouse sits in a township with about ten other homes totalling about 156 people. With sloping hills, stone farmhouse, and a lovely fig tree, the scene is quite a romantic one. While waiting for the huge figs on her tree to ripen, Kathy offers us a … Continue reading

Old-Fashioned Fig Preserves


Okay, all you figgy people out there, let’s get busy with some traditional fig preserves, shall we? You asked and you shall receive. Some of you have already ventured out and made the mock strawberry and raspberry preserves with your treasured figs and are now ready to make some real, down-home fig preserves. If you’ve been looking for the best recipe,  look no more. Here is the best one I know of, and it comes from my Great-Grandmother, through my Grandmother, to my Mother, to me. PLEASE NOTE that this recipe takes a long time and you must watch your … Continue reading

Biting Off More than You can Chew!


Hands down, June is the busiest month in my little fishing community.  It is the prime month for fishing tournaments, called rodeos, and as a result, prime time for camp rentals. That means I’ve been super busy booking the camp and cleaning it and doing laundry. School is out, while schools of trout make their way to the Gulf of Mexico to spawn, and every weekend warrior with a boat makes his way down here to make a run for the speckled trout.  What boggles my mind about that is the fact that those trout never leave this area during … Continue reading

Father’s Day Tribute


William Walter Wilson was born November 21, 1929, less than a month after Black Tuesday, and the beginning of The Great Depression in America.  Although he never really harped on how difficult life was during the depression, I now wish that he had and that I had paid attention.  Oh, there were bits and pieces here and there of conversational sidebars during family supper, but nothing to be construed as lecturing. As if growing up during the depression didn’t come with enough sacrifice and stress, America joined World War II on December 7, 1941, not long after Daddy’s 12th birthday. … Continue reading

Odds and Ends


My super-busy season has begun, and I’m so busy trying to keep up with everything that I’ve just not had time to write.  However, today it’s raining, and now that I have some time to sit at my desk and write, my creative mojo is hiding from me.  Not one single interesting or inspirational topic to share with you is coming to mind. Regardless, there have been so many odds and ends I’ve wanted to share with you, but none of them worthy of an entire post, so I will ramble on and see where this goes. For example, for a while … Continue reading