Mock Strawberry Preserves Made with Figs!

Mock Strawberry Preserves I’ve been making this recipe for a long time. See the year in the upper right-hand corner of the card? Now that we have the old recipe, how about a step-by-step pictorial of the recipe? (All you seasoned “canners” out… Read the rest

Fig Chutney from England by Way of Southwest France

Fig Chutney with pain de campagne, baked freshly every morning by in the village, Cantal cheese made east of her home near where the Dordogne rises. Kathy’s farmhouse in SW France Deep in a quaint hamlet in the region of Dordogne, centered on the Dordogne River, an English woman named Kathy sits at her desk in a loft above the kitchen of her 1740s French farmhouse. Her Internet travels take her… Read the rest

Old-Fashioned Fig Preserves

ripe-fig-on-tree Okay, all you figgy people out there, let’s get busy with some traditional fig preserves, shall we? You asked and you shall receive. Some of you have already ventured out and made the mock strawberry and raspberry preserves with your… Read the rest