Welcome to a fun page all about “raising Raccoons”; we’ve had a little experience, raising two Raccoons over the years!




The Adventures of Chaoui – Coon baby

This is the first in the series of 14 little stories about the true, but short, life of our raccoon. Each installment should be ready at 8 each morning if ...
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Adventures of Chaoui – Coon chow

What does a healthy toddler coon eat--besides Oreos? Well, Baby begrudgingly shares her dogfood with Chaoui. The funny thing is, Chaoui must have a bowl of water to wet the ...
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Adventures of Chaoui – Coon naps

It has been a wonderful experience as we watch the development of this wild creature - who doesn't know she's a wild creature. When we first found her, she was ...
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Coon chores

Mommy, I can fold the clothes, too! Without photos, most of you would not believe the things this little coon is capable of. She always wants to be where I ...
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Coon identity

"Mommy, what am I? Am I a dog? Am I a cat? Am I a human?" We've learned that raccoons exhibit behaviors similar to dogs and cats, but somehow unique ...
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Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 1

Would anyone in their right mind take a toddler coon on vacation? I don't know if we have right minds, but we did. Chaoui accompanied us to Grand Isle, Louisiana ...
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Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 2

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and I think this is one chapter a boy will remember forever . . . to be continued . . ...
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Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 3

Chaoui found plenty to keep herself busy at Grand Isle. I watched, took photos, and just enjoyed the heck out of watching my kids enjoy themselves! Mommy? What is this ...
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Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 4

After all the fishing, exploring, climbing, swimming, and playing, there's nothing better to do on Grand Isle, than take an island nap . . . One second she was ...
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Coon antics – Part 1

There is nothing outstanding about these photos. I just want to share with you some of Chaoui's antics. She is always into something. A friend of mine who has raised ...
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Coon antics – Part 2

Chaoui is a teencoon now and doesn't think it's cool to spend a lot of time with Mommy and the family. She is spending more and more time exploring the ...
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Chaoui and Baby

Just as our children grow older, and the photo ops happen less often, the same holds true for raccoons. Again, who would believe that this young adult coon and elderly ...
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Chaoui hears the Call of the Wild

The words of the old song, "She's gone, gone, gone, and I can't go on . . .whoaohoh" keep running through my mind. My coon-raising friend said she would hear ...
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CooNee is still a baby . . .

We've been trying to get CooNee to start eating cat food, softened in milk, but she just doesn't know what to do yet. Even putting a little piece in her ...
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Adventures of CooNee, the toddler coon

I am soooooo happy to announce that CooNee has gone from the bottle to finger foods - Cheerios, and next on to watermelon, and now she is eating her solids ...
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CooNee Returns!

I didn't tell you that CooNee was gone, because I was too sad about it and I was hoping she would return. Last Monday while we were gone all day, ...
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CooNee does the laundry!

CooNee: "Hey Mommy, whatcha doin'?" Me: "I'm doing the laundry, CooNee." CooNee: "Pewee! This laundry is stinky like me!" Me: "Well, this is how we give the laundry ...
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