Welcome to a fun page all about “raising Raccoons”; we’ve had a little experience, raising two Raccoons over the years!


Coon chores

Mommy, I can fold the clothes, too! Without photos, most of you would not believe the things this little coon is capable of. She always wants to be where I am–whether it’s folding clothes or cleaning windows tending the plants . . . hanging clothes on the line . . . or just helping me…


Coon identity

“Mommy, what am I? Am I a dog? Am I a cat? Am I a human?” We’ve learned that raccoons exhibit behaviors similar to dogs and cats, but somehow unique. She seems to be a special blend of the two, with a little human toddler mixed in. Those little paws get her into more stuff….


Coon antics – Part 1

There is nothing outstanding about these photos. I just want to share with you some of Chaoui’s antics. She is always into something. A friend of mine who has raised wild coons told me she would be a “perpetual toddler” and that I should photograph her while I can, because eventually, she will hear the…


Coon antics – Part 2

Chaoui is a teencoon now and doesn’t think it’s cool to spend a lot of time with Mommy and the family. She is spending more and more time exploring the great outdoors—even staying out all night at times. She has broken curfew and just refuses to accept being “grounded”!!! Here are the rare indoor photos…


Chaoui and Baby

Just as our children grow older, and the photo ops happen less often, the same holds true for raccoons. Again, who would believe that this young adult coon and elderly doggie would play together? This is their morning ritual in my room while I check my email . . . before I have to put…


CooNee Returns!

I didn’t tell you that CooNee was gone, because I was too sad about it and I was hoping she would return. Last Monday while we were gone all day, something happened to The Big Yellow Dog and CooNee. They disappeared. KatyBug sent me a hilarious story of how she imagined the two of them…


CooNee does the laundry!

CooNee: “Hey Mommy, whatcha doin’?” Me: “I’m doing the laundry, CooNee.” CooNee: “Pewee! This laundry is stinky like me!” Me: “Well, this is how we give the laundry a bath , CooNee” CooNee: “May I take my bath with the stinky laundry?” Me: “No, CooNee! The washing machine is a dangerous place for little raccoons.”…