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Children’s Book Author Brings Unique Insight Into Louisiana Wetlands

In the past couple of years, Wendy Wilson Billiot has become one of my favorite Louisiana writers.
And not, oddly enough, because of a book.
I appreciate her writing because of her distinct voice in her “Bayou Woman: Life in the Louisiana Wetlands” blog and the enthusiasm she shows for the topics she writes about.
A native of Shreveport and graduate of Bossier High, Billiot almost vibrates with affection for the Louisiana wetlands and south Louisiana, an every-day environmentalist who rolls up her sleeves and goes to work to preserve a way of life.
She’s the kind of writer who makes you feel like you know her, and she’s always got something going on—from leading boat tours to educating people about the value of Louisiana’s natural resources to reminding folks that it’s shrimping season or describing being a judge in the Ponchatoula Gumbo Cook-off. Read more…
Judy Christie (Author)
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Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot is a respected member of the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association

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