Hurricake Ike – Our Home Part 2 — 7 Comments

  1. I’ll be down, right after I get rid of my junk and unnecessary items! I might add, I’ve put it off for 30 yrs! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My sister – visiting this week and looking over my shoulder, says you need to amend WATS to WATTS – Women Armed with Trucks and ToolS – it’s more POWERFUL – watts – powersful!!!! HA HA hAHAHAHAHAH……
    questions: I look forward to watching the house go up, but where will you live mean time?
    Also, what about the cypress cottage? Will it have to go up?

  3. Your sister is just as hilarious as you are!!! Funny because that was BB’s truck in the photos, and I have my own Chevy pickup, too!

    Ok, let me clear this up for you. Camp Dularge aka Cypress Cottage has been scheduled to go up since before Ike came and flooded it. So, it will be going up Dec. 15th–that is why we have to make old home livable and will shortly be moving back down there (four miles). And that is where we will live (assuming we don’t get sick from mold) until the new house is built, farther back on the same property as old home.

    All clear now?

    More POWER to the WATTS!!!!

  4. For getting the mold out of window units, (i am assuming you mean air conditioners) try oven cleaner. take the unit outside, slide it out of the casing, spray with the cleaner, let set for a little bit, then rinmse well with a water hose. hope that helps.

  5. WATTS, I love it! You know why? Our new vehicle just may be a truck!

    BW, I’d probably be more help going through your junk than helping with the move. You know how ruthless I can be!

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