Vote for your favorite photo!


Below are four photos taken in the Mauvais Bois Swamp, one of the most beautiful spots in Terrebonne Parish, and my personal favorite place. Would you do me a big favor? Please take a moment and examine all four photos, … Continue reading

Seeing my swamp through another photographer's eyes . . .


. . . was a very eye-opening experience. This is Chris Granger from the Westbank of New Orleans. It was my professional pleasure to take him on a photo shoot for Southern Breeze Magazine, a Gulf Coast quarterly. His photos … Continue reading

How about a closer look at my front porch decor?


It’s draped in green right now, with a few other colors mixed in. The jasmine vines that creep up the posts are in full bloom and smell so deliciously sweet. As we take a closer look, we see that flowers … Continue reading