How about a closer look at my front porch decor?

It’s draped in green right now, with a few other colors mixed in. The jasmine vines that creep up the posts are in full bloom and smell so deliciously sweet. As we take a closer look, we see that flowers and leaves have mixed and mingled and made wonderful friends while decorating my front porch posts.

Here’s some of the jasmine, trailing upward. See those big leaves also trailing up? Those are grape leaves. I wonder if they’ll make me some grapes this year?

These little white jewels are peeping out from behind gardenia leaves. Don’t the jasmine flower petals remind you of the little pin wheels on a stick we used to play with as kids? I’m drawing a blank about what we really used to call them.

The scarlet sage and blooming again, also mixed in with the gardenia leaves. If you look closely, you can see a black ant. I watched them go down inside the flower to eat nectar, I’m guessing.

This is actually a closeup of a grape-vine blossom, I’m hoping it’s going to become baby grapes soon!

Pretty, oh so pretty!

This is the flower of my parsley plant, also shaded by gardenia bushes.

I see white clover, fern, a little yellow flower, and mint leaves. I just love the way things grow together in my little flower garden.

I often wondered how my mother-in-law always had such a variety of plants growing around her house. She seemed to just throw things out and they would grow. I never thought I had a green thumb. I still don’t think I do. These plants have been kind to me, and they grow in spite of me because they know my intentions are good!


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  1. Hope the vines produce edible grapes for you, then you could make homemade wine!! Or jelly?

    What flavor is your mint? I’ve been searching high and low for plain English mint. It’s impossibIe to find. I don’t want chocolate, peppermint or spearmint.

    We called that childhood toy a pin wheel. We’d attach it to the handlebars of our bikes. We zoomed down the street to see how fast they would turn. What a great memory!

    As always, your photographic eye is right on the money. And you DO have a green thumb and the total love of nature (and nuture) in your heart. Plants feel that.