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Red Fish Trio from Lafayette!

Three fantastic gals from Lafayette participated in the most recent fishing Bayou Woman Adventure (BWA). Having read fantastic reports by a premiere guide of red fish blasts the previous week, and in anticipation of their arrival, I had asked him if he might share his secret spot with me for this occasion. He generously did so in great detail, and because I had not had time to scout, I was very grateful.

It's been five years already!

It was only five years ago, but it seems like a lifetime. Yep, this blog is now five years old and has gone beyond my wildest dreams, hopes, expectations. Lil Sis is the one who is responsible for getting me started doing this blog in the first place. She had to convince me that it would be good for business and a great way to further educate folks about life down here in the Louisiana wetlands.

Green Thumb Envy, Part 2

With the turmoil of Hurricane Isaac behind us and the “Ghost of Isaac” threatening to re-enter the Gulf, let’s ignore all that and once again reap the benefits of a local French-Cajun gentleman’s green thumb. Since we can’t actually stroll through his yard and garden today, let me bring the memory of his spring garden to you.