Opening Week of Brown Shrimp Season

With the fading of last Louisiana wild yellow iris comes the budding of the brilliant pink of the Mimosa blooms and the beginning of the May brown shrimp season. Last Sunday night, dozens of small inland skimmer boats idled past the house, chug-chugging slowly down the bayou, creating as little wake as possible in patient procession to the three-mile inland waters where they would anchor for the night, and sleep until the official opening Monday morning at six.

Bayou Fabio: The Don of Dularge

Bayou Fabio: The Don of Dularge

That’s the title of last night’s FOX 8 news piece written by my friend Carolyn Scofield. Sorry I can’t post the video here, but it belongs to FOX 8 so I will just give you the link and hope you follow it today and enjoy this great mini view of my friend Rickey, whom I lovingly nick-named Bayou Fabio about ten years ago.

I will be back here later, hopefully with a good update about the opening week of brown shrimp season.

Blessing of the Shrimp Boats

The annual spring Blessing of the Fleet has been taking place for many years. However, each bayou has put their own personal spin on the event. Some of the bayous, like Bayou Petit Caillou, promote theme decorations and hold a contest for the best-decorated boat. Competition is stiff for prizes like free fuel for the first trip of the shrimp season.