I just love wood! — 31 Comments

  1. I’ll bet your smile’s as bright as that sun! Congrats on the progress!

    I’ll bet you’re not old enough to remember when Velveeta came in wooden boxes. They were balsa wood – at least the lids were. The had a lot of “sproing!” to them, and really would sting if properly applied to small children’s rears 😉

  2. When we remodeled our kitchen we discovered the most gorgeous heart of pine beams underneath the floor. And beadboard underneath sheetrock. I refused to let them cover up the beadboard! My kitchen may be freezing but darn it, I have beadboard!

    • I know, huh? Don’t say that too loud, though, my family up there might here you!!! If it floods, there will be nothing left down here. That is for sure. But let’s not go there, okay? Let’s think positive.

  3. Wood Eye! Wood Eye! some reference to something or other.

    I think if I go pilings I’ll have a freight elevator and a circular stairwell in the dead center of my 7 sided house.

    Neat pix.

  4. Looks like it’s going up well. I’m sure your ready for it to be done, I have zero patience when it comes to construction stuff. Just sitting here waiting for Iceapocalypse to hit us, was supposed to have been here by dawn. Heard the middle part of the states already lost power and the ice is heading our way. I’m moving south, I swear it!

    • I am in Texas and that is pretty far south but, ice and possibly snow coming in here too! It has been a really weird winter.

      • Well, please keep your ice and snow in Texas. All my tropical plants are dead. It’s really sad, because BB and I worked for days last year at Camp Dularge, and now it’s all dead from the freeze. I guess next time I’ll have to only plant freeze-tolerant varieties of plants, but we hardly ever go below freezing down here. Stay warm in that cold house of yours!

  5. BW/WWB – You are so friggin’ smart… And your knowledge is broad. What a broad!
    The house design is brilliant. It looks incredibly strong.

    The picto-story of Tidu(?) and Pot Licker is great. It could be a published as a book…

    Whose pig is that?

    • It belongs at the house just north of us . . . meaning our “up the bayou” neighbors. Last week, it was their rooster that she chased home! What will it be next week, I wonder? A goat? A duck?

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