These will soon turn into something very gorgeous . . . — 4 Comments

  1. Hey BW, nice to see some green and red during the winter! Are those some type of iris or lily? I know there is a beautiful delicate white type of iris that grows in water, I love those but dont know them by name. The blades look like iris or lilies. Can’t wait to see them in bloom. Love the spanish moss hanging…….always have.
    Debbi in TX

    You’re very close, but we’ll just wait and see!!!

  2. Louisiana Irises? I need to plant some in my yard. Although why bother? My hubby keeps weed-wacking my amaryllis down every year right before they bloom.

    Some of my neighbors have something that look like the pictures, planted in their ditches along the street. None have flowered yet so I’m not sure what they are.

    As always, gorgeous pictures.

    You’re too kind, Katy. But I still can’t tell you what they are!!! You’ll have to wait for the photos!!! A couple more weeks.

  3. Katy Bug beat me to it… I say La. Iris (yellow)

    Ha! Hey you! So glad you came to see me in my native element! And what’s up with you posting that I wrote that article? What are you, my biggest groupie?!!! Just joking with you, MD! Welcome!

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