Our First Youth Waterfowl Day — 24 Comments

  1. I have noticed that the paddle footed billed creatures are not very stupid. Got lotsa lakes round me they shut down fishing for shooting. Birdies pretty much leave when the fishing boats do.

    I actually saw some guys out today. On a interstate barrow pit I have never seen a duck or goose on. Ever. Pretty smart landowner or hunters who don’t do homework.

    Thanks for the report. Cheer up T. It might look like she is on your case but I figure your just smoothing some of the edges off so the rest of us have an easier time. I’ll be ‘duckin’ out now.

  2. I wish I could take my computer to bed with me. I would’ve liked to have read this story like a good book, snuggled in bed. I felt like I was there with y’all. I smiled and got choked up at different points. I can actually see you squatting in that small space watching your man-boy hoping for some ducks.

  3. It may be a little early for ducks in large numbers yet. He’ll eventually get a “foul” weather day rather than that “blue bird” day ya’ll had.

    Tell him not to be too disappointed in missing those opportunities. That is something that happens on every hunt. Kind of like fishing a rattle cork for an hour with no luck only to have it go under as soon as you look at your watch.

  4. Oh, m’ God, Wendy! The memories your posting has brought back … unreal. Hubby nor I are hunters either but I think every boy wants to at least try it. So hubby hauled himself out there with them. In spite of some of the early fiascos all three of our sons, grown men now, still hunt. When raised on the bayou that’s what they like to do. Hunt, fish, and then play. Great story, a learning experience and a wonderful memory beautifully told.

  5. Jeez……first tears from laughter, now this. Well written, BW. Why weren’t you wearing “Cajun Reebocks”? I know you have a pair. My former cajun neighbor always wore his “boo-its” when hunting or fishing.

  6. What a great story! I have never been on a duck hunt so I consider this almost as good. This is really so much a part of living in southern LA. Thanks for telling the story. Maybe this is another possibility of a book for you to author?……this could be a chapter in a book written for youth about living in LA wetlands?

  7. Choup – I do know that sinking bobber feeling quite well!!! He read your comment and is hoping it will be a “fowl” weather day this weekend when his big brothers take him.

  8. Steffi – Well, Termite was wearing my BayouReeboks because somehow his camoflauge boots disappeared! That’s one of the pitfalls of going barefoot so much- he leaves his shoes everywhere!!!

  9. Kim – You just confirmed a writing idea LilSis and I were talking about last time she was down. I don’t have much time to write these days but maybe after I get my family a home to live in, I can do some serious writing. Oh, and I love the avatar. Is that Bingo?

  10. J – I love your avatar, too. What’s your kitty’s name?

    That last photo has become one of my favorites. I happen to think he’s a handsome young man, too, but I am very partial and biased!

  11. Well the long term memory is still good. I never fished out of a boat that was noisy you could stand in before that. Back doesn’t have many of those in it anymore anyway.

  12. Wendy, this indeed could be a well-crafted short story. The imagery, the emotion, the plot, and the finale are the makings of a wonderful short story. I felt like I with yall, and I was holding my breath in anticipation of whether he would get his first duck…the clincher with his thanking you, though…wow! What a way to end it all!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, and truly, consider working it as a short story for publication somewhere…it’s a gem.

    Love you!!!

  13. Coming from a writer of your caliber, Vance, I consider that great advice! I will have to edit it significantly and leave out all the details of the flashlight and spotlight episodes!!!

  14. You made this old woman cry, and Im sitting at the hospital cafe computer while blowing snot!!! That is one Hell of a Mom in ANY book!!! and that pain that went through my heart as he emerged into manhood with that profoundly mature “Thank you”….to his mom…Prolly can’t come close to what you felt watching that moment freeze in time….omg..I still have a lump in my throat!…Yes, plz publish this story, Its a story that will touch many a heart, young/old, male/female…thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks for Sharing Termite with us as well.

  15. Well, Deb, first off, you’re not OLD! And secondly, your words rain warmly upon heart! Lest any of you think we are made of a richer fabric, think again. I nag Termite constantly, because he is constantly dragging stuff out and leaving it from one end of Camp Dularge to the other. He literally wears me out with his junk and changing of clothes. Believe me, that was a very rare moment of thoughtfulness which I do cherish in my heart! Special indeed! Not a moment I take for granted at all! Being a mother of a 12 year old, you can certainly relate! Thanks again for commenting and sure hope you’re feeling better.

  16. Yes, I am a mother of a 12 year old…hyperactive ADHD, thats why the two of you touch my heart so. Ive either gonethere/donethat/prettycloselyrelatedto or yep, I see it coming down the road as well. LOL, mothering boys, its beautifully exhausting and wouldnt have it any other way.
    When you figure out how a boy can drop his drawers in the middle of the floor within an arms reach of the laundry basket, how he can eat an entire loaf of bread bought the night before because he didnt see anything else around the house to eat…(guess that dang fridge/freezer thingy was locked or missing again) AND, ……..AND, why he can’t remember to bring his school folder home to be signed, where he put his shoes, or where his house key is (#15 by now) but knows exactly what is on TV on every day of the week……, will you or anyone else out there please clue me in??? Obviously Im either older than hell or dumb as a box of rocks…Cuz it befuzzles & comfables me for sure….lol.
    …………….but I love it.

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