Our First Youth Hunt . . .

or “How Termite Forgot Something Very Important”

After listening to not one, not two, but about six duck calls being blown from daylight until after dark for about six months now by my hunter-in-training 12-year-old son, do you have ANY idea how annoying that can be?

And there we were, having braved the fog, the dark, the dead batteries in the spotlight which would show us the safe way to the duck blind miles from our home out into the alligator-infested marsh, sitting in a duck pond waiting for daylight . . . . . and I heard a sound like a sick duck . . .

“quack quack quack quack quack” coming gutterally from Termite’s throat.

And my reaction is, “You’ve GOT to be KIDDING ME!”

So I asked, “WHERE are your duck calls?”

And a meek little male, pre-adolescent voice whispered “uh, somewhere at home”.

And again, my response is “You’ve GOT to be KIDDING ME!”

I have heard the teal call.  I have heard the come back call.  I have heard the feeding call.  I have heard the hail call.  I have heard the greeting call.  I have heard the blue and cinnamon call.  YOU NAME IT AND I’M SURE I HAVE HEARD IT at least a million times each.

Termite has begged me not to make this post, but you know what?  After telling him at least 101 times on Friday to get everything ready for this hunt, there is no way I am going to let this one slide.

Merciless?  Yes.  Chiding?  Sure.  Forgivable?  Absolutely.  Funny?  To the max!!!

Since I am doing a mountain of laundry at Dotter’s house right now, I don’t have the capability to upload and edit photos of the hunt, but I will do so soon.

Until then, I’m still laughing at Termite’s quacking!

Poor thing!


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  1. Glad I had the bladder surgery done, or I’d be floating around in my chair! I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! How long did he quack? Was he able to call in any sick ducks? Had I been in the boat with him, I would have scared away any ducks within 2 miles with my laughter. Tell him he’ll think his first Youth Hunt is funny in about 20 years.

  2. Lanyard, it’s what you need, son. You can’t go out chasing tail without the right gear. If ya’ll gots them billed critters anywho then I say, ‘If it looks like a duck, duck’.

    I know guys who have forgot shells.

  3. Likewise, Steffi – though it was not funny at the time. I was actually miffed about it from the “nagging” standpoint. But it was funny in the telling, though he definitely might not think so until 20 years from now!

    Blu – OMG, does he have a lanyard? It’s his second lanyard and the season just started. It’s even LSU colors! Having a lanyard is not the problem. Keeping it around your neck when it counts is the problem. Well, he’s 12 and male. That’s the REAL problem!!!

    Still no way to upload and edit. Hopefully tomorrow.


  4. I can just so hear you saying that to Termite, and I just so know Termite was hoping he was close enough to the real thing that he might fool your ears.

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