Congratulations to Katybug for her fantastically creative choice! Frogs say “rivet” and this one certainly looks “riveted” to the camera lens. I love it! Let’s try it on for size . . .



Katybug, we’ll have to talk about your prize. You have several choices: A signed copy of my book, a Guidebook for Educators, a Graine a Voler seedpod, scarlet sage seeds, orange fishing lures, or one of the many tote bags I was given in my “book travels”. I appreciate all the library book totes I have been given in the past two years, but a girl can only use so many. There is a yellow one or a red one up for grabs right now! Email me with your desire from Bayou Woman’s Junk Room (is Junk Room one word or two?).

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  1. I won!! Yahoo. Thank you. Would the seedpod or the scarlet sage seeds grow in Abita Springs? A signed copy of your book would be great! Thank you again Bayou Woman.

  2. Just saw your intro over at Blogher, so thought I would come on over and check you out. Love the picture of the frog!

    Thanks, Tricia. I paid you a visit, too!