I've been tagged . . . or "How weird are you, anyway?" — 5 Comments

  1. Your wish is my command!

    A pianoforte is really just a piano, I think.


    I should ask my oh-so-talented-daughter who has a Master’s of Music in Piano Performance. Think she’d know?

  2. Hair grows… Cut away!
    About the seconds counting, I used to count the steps I would take. I really had to work to kill that tick.

  3. Why is that you don’t want to cut your hair? What exactly do you want your grandchildren to call you? My nephews and nieces call me by my first name.

    Well, when I say “cut” I mean no longer wearing it long. Cut, as in a shorter hairstyle that would take years to grow back out if I didn’t like it. Every time I’ve cut my hair shoulder length or shorter, I end up just growing it back out again. It’s a continuing cycle. At this age, though, I am scared to cut it short for fear it will never grow again, and I’ll be stuck with short ugly hair!

    And I think my grandchildren (which I don’t even have yet) will call me “Winnie”. Just leave off the ” the pooh” part!!!

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