Sisters, swamp dwellers and surprises! — 12 Comments

  1. WOW, I loved this story!!! My mantra, lets go see what we can see/also known as/when the theme park we just drove 200 miles to venture is closed, its a great opportunity to see what else Dallas-Ft.Worth treasures there are to find!!! lol. Sometimes the best plans are the ones altered at the last minute and what a wonderful way to spend time with your sis. I admire your opportunities and your abilities to share them with us. Thanks BW

  2. Double dippin here….as far as your cleaning the bayou, one lure at a time lol….I truly believe a bad day fishing far out weighs any day at work!!! The chance to be out on the water, the wind, the abundant wildlife all around you…heaven….it recharges my battery, grounds me, and helps me be able to walk back thru the doors where I spend way too much of my time.

  3. Oh wow. What a story, BW. Your life on the bayou is so rich and diverse, you much feel overwhelmed with riches every day. Even hurricanes can’t make your bayou a poor place.

    The bird is beautiful, and the fish photo should be a poster. Wonderful post.

  4. That 1st photo of the Blue Heron is beautiful! It’s almost as purty as those BLUE CRABS! I think I’ll turn a few “red” Friday for supper. LOL!
    BW, Granny Sue may have inadvertently given you another project to consider. Photos of Fresh and Saltwater species lined up. Hang them at Camp Dularge as decoration and it lets your renters know the possibilities out there. Others may be interested in making a purchase. Especially poster size. IF I had a camp, you can bet it would be decorated in this fashion.

    • Steffi – there are only so many hours in my day and they are pretty much filled to the second! But I’ve already purchased the 8×10 frames but have not narrowed the photos down all the way yet to which ones I really want to hang where. Also, I am waiting on some custom made cypress frames for a couple of the more special photos I plan to hang. As far as species go, I have some gorgeous posters from LDWF which need framing, but they’re rather large and expensive. So that project is on the back burner. Further, artist Ellen is bringing more of her original artwork to place, and I want her to have first choice of places to display. All in good time, my friend!!!

  5. I am trying really hard to not mapquest the distance between here and there so I can join in the fun too! It’s supposed to SNOW here in Oklahoma on Saturday. Guess I will have to turn the AC off and the heater back on!

  6. I want to live these kind of days with you my friend. I am glad that you found some enjoyment from your sisters visit… 🙂 great pictures as always!!

  7. Wendy~ you take my breath away with your stories of adventures sharing the Beautiful Bayou fishing trips with your sister!
    How fortunate you are, as I am too, to have a sister that loves to spend time with me!
    The photos are truly grand! You could actually publish a Photo Book of them……they would sell!

    FABIO <—- hunk a luv!!!!

    Liz in PA

  8. It was a grand day – fishing, photoing, and fellowship – dudn’t git any better than tha-yut (that’s my “yankee” accent the swamp dwellers made fun of 😉 ).

  9. What a wonderful set of pictures! Thanks esp for the pic of the crabs. Marvelous. I have never heard of the game either but it sounds like any time hanging with that bunch would be fun!

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