You can't get a man with a gun! — 17 Comments

  1. I have always been intrigued witih that sport—I can’t believe you said “No” and didn’t try it—-doesn’t sound like you—-I would have had to try it and probably landed flat on my back! Ha

  2. You might surprise your self,always test run something that might be fun,free and will do no harm to anything but your pride because the challenge and the memory’s are worth the risk.

  3. Well jump in. Lots of girl types love shooting. My only hang up on the sport is the ‘birds’ are loaded with toxic lead. I need to get my hunter safety class in to hunt there someday.

  4. Bruised ego or shoulder, you would have enjoyed shooting those clay pigeons. That score pad looks like something the Grandkids would write. “Hugs and Kisses” All X’s and O’s.

  5. Clay pigeons are fun. I haven’t done it in years but, I still have my shotgun. Have to in this neighborhood.
    I bet you would have enjoyed it.

    • Well, next year I’ll take my OWN gun and the shells (except it will be Termite’s gun, unless I buy it from him. He wants to move up from a .20 gauge to a .12 gauge.)

  6. My family loves to gather in the pasture and throw clays right before hunting season starts. I don’t really enjoy it but I do love to watch my 10 year old daughter beat her father, grandfather and uncles.

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