Follow the bouncing ball! (And a contest)


Do you remember “Sing Along with Mitch”?  Just follow the bouncing ball.  Well, if you’re too young to remember, you can always ask Google, but it was an old black and white TV show in the mid 60s show wherein … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Blog – Dotter Style


Since my commitment to the Propeller program is taking up most of my spare time, I’ve decided to run some of my daughter’s blog posts about Thanksgivings past. I want to share because I think you might enjoy her rhetoric, … Continue reading

BW’s Caribbean Vacation Comes to an End


One could say I’m documenting this vacation as much for myself as for you, the reader.  There are just so many times I can repeat how marvelous this trip was among my circle of family and friends before they start dodging … Continue reading

BW Vacations in Playa del Carmen, Quinta Roo, Yucatan, Mexico-Part 2


So, when we left off, it was Saturday, and we had finished with the Mayan Ruins.  Our guide, Daniel, grabbed the wet suits, life jackets, and flippers, and we jumped into the van and headed a little ways north of … Continue reading

BW Vacations in Playa del Carmen, Quinta Roo, Yucatan, Mexico!


Earlier this year, my oldest son decided to purchase the house which he has rented for the past three years.  Because he works 20 days on a tugboat and only home for 10, he needed a little help navigating everything, … Continue reading