BW Vacations in Playa del Carmen, Quinta Roo, Yucatan, Mexico! — 12 Comments

  1. Ah, I was close. I was working this morning and suddenly thought, “A fishing trip to Baja!” Well, I had it pretty close. This is just wonderful. I’ll give it another read tonight, and in the meantime, I’ve sent off an inquiry about that fruit. What a wonderful experience for you. I do have a funny story to share, but I’ll save that for later. Back to work!

    • Well, this one isn’t a flowery, journalistic, essay, or travel writer piece. It’s just me relaying what we did, and I still have one more to go after Part 2. The bad thing about vacation when you work for yourself, is that you have double the work to do when you get back home, so I’m seriously playing catch up and aggravated as all get out that it has taken me almost a week to post up stories and photos. Sheesh!

  2. Wonderful pictures and story line! I don’t know what that white fruit is. I even did some searching online and haven’t come up with anything either. The fruit probably isn’t always white which would make it harder to figure out. I hope someone will be able to tell you what it was. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  3. What a wonderful story and what a wonderful son.
    Will share my story about my oldest son.. Prior to heart surgery last year I gave him power of attorney and went over the financials with him for the very first time.. Now,every time I sneeze he’s signing a do not resuscitate order.

  4. This place is like a diamond in the jungle I was on a diving trip W/ friends & by chance discovered it. FANTASTIC!

    • Did you go to the same cenotes we went to ? We saw the “divers guide wire” underwater as we went along . . . but we stopped at those dark holes in the cave wall because we were just snorkeling.

  5. I really enjoyed the story. Your son reminds me of my kids they would do something like that. i know he derived more pleasure from seeing you enjoy yourself!.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Louise, and I was proud when he bragged on me at our family gathering the day after our return. We bored the entire family with out photos and stories. It reminds me that life is short, and we should seize every moment, and that those things on my Life List need to get done in the years I have left on this earth. Time won’t stand still for me to just think about doing them. This is a trip I would never have planned and gone on for myself, so I am very thankful for his willingness and determination and generosity!

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