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  1. Gracious, you have been busy! I’ve been keeping up with you online as much as I can. Hope everyone is well and had a great holiday. I’m really wanting dinner at Schmoopys.

  2. Wendy. 2016 brings us 2 in college. 1 in high school and 1 in middle school. My how they grow up so fast. All along playing in our Coastal marsh and helping restore it too! Blessings this 2016!

    • You are a wonderful mom and POWERFUL Coastal advocate, Polly. Those boys will have those memories forever, and their grandpa is smiling down on them, for sure!!!

  3. I’m so sorry about Ti-Du. Those soaps in the picture sure look good enough to eat. Can you throw in an actual King Cake?

    • I wonder if soaking in a tub that smells like King Cake makes your mouth water? LOL! There’s more King Cake down here right now than you can shake a stick at, Susan! We’ve had one – the old style plain ones from Rouse’s, but there are so many different cream-filled ones now, it’s hard to choose! I’m hoping to bake a new one and post about it soon . . . if I can find the time. Great hearing from you, my friend.

  4. LOL…and Bayou Woman lets loose with yet another hidden talent – singing!
    Perhaps the Whiskey Bay Rovers can recruit ye, who knows, ye could have a new direction – “Bayou Woman Sings – Greatest Hits of The Swamp”

    • Greatest Hits of the swamp! Love it! I fear my singing days are long gone . . . knew all the Heart songs by heart (no pun), but my singing was only heard in church and around the house. Just ask my poor children! It was always “sing along with Mom” on the jaunts to town to make the grocery bill and run errands and usually in a big, long passenger van! We have owned three of those . . . . Man, I miss those simpler days . . . . .

  5. Actually managed to read more o’ this post…thank ye for the salute!
    A “guest post” could certainly be possible – once I batten down the hatches, secure the carronades and trim the sails (well, there’s crew for that).

  6. I don’t know how you do it. And I agree with you regarding our citizens who work hard for barely enough to pay for bus fare to the jobs while others sit and brag about their weekly trips to the hair dresser, manicurist, the new car, etc. while they are healthy and drawing government checks! You and I are blessed to have hard working, caring children.
    2016 has myself and niece going thru a ton of paperwork and red government tape to care for my mom. Also, have one grandchild getting married in March (reserved the pavillion for them today), another in his 2nd semester of college and he moved into his own little home Friday (still on mom & dads property) that he and my son built. His sister is now home schooled since the school closed. And I was blessed that no one in my family or any of my friends lost their homes in the tornados a couple of so weeks ago. And there are several that live in that area.
    Now, I need to go back up and read the links you posted. The best to you.

    • Yes, Cammy, we are blessed to have hard working, caring children, and I think we worked to make sure they knew right from wrong and had a work ethic. Oh, I don’t envy you cutting through the Red Tape. I wish you all the best with that and hope it all works out as it should. Your son and grandson built a house for your grandson? How wonderful is that? He can finish college, get married, and the house is ready. That’s the way to do it. And I hope all goes well with the home schooling, if I can help, just send me an email. I wondered about you in those tornadoes. Glad all is well. Hang in there, Cammy!

  7. It was great to catch up with you! Life hasn’t changed here nearly as much as all that’s going on in your world, BW! You’re movin’ up and movin’ on 🙂 I share your confusion about your son’s benefit–how in the world is that supposed to be okay? Especially when I see able-bodied men drawing disability checks and working under the table every day. Stay well and warm, my friend.

    • Yes, you definitely see what I’m talking about. I just don’t know how to fight it. Can’t really – without an Act of Congress, literally. Oh, we’re staying warm down here. Weather has been crazy wet and muggy for this time of year. You stay well, too, Granny Sue, and thank you for popping by for a little visit!

  8. Hey Bayou Woman!! Let’s see, some changes for me this year are a closer relationship with my little brother (who I used to barely see) because he now lives with me part time, and my growing Kune Kune pig farm is leading the way to a loT of major changes on my property soon. Not to mention my growing jewelry business, which means more participation in craft shows this year! So many good things:)
    Love your website BW, I’m always learning something new! <3

    • Hi Nell, so great to have you here. I would really LOVE for you to be “sponsor of the month” one time and give away one of your terrarium pieces. I would like my readers to see your beautiful work that comes from the Manchac Swamp. K & G are sponsors this month. Think about it okay? Getting to know your brother is a very good thing. My older 3 have been making an effort to get to know the youngest better, too, and I’m so happy for that. There’s 14 years between my oldest and youngest! You will have to tell me more about the Kune Kune pig farm because I don’t recall your telling me about it before. All I recall is that you were building a house? I wish you great sales this year with your jewelry and the craft shows. I’d like to invite you to Pyrate Day on April 1 to be a vendor. If you’re interested, it’s a small booth fee, and you would fit right in! Email me here and I will forward your information to the head pyrate, Capt. John Swallow! Ok?

      • I would LOVE to be sponsor of the month! Just let me know when and I’ll make a special terrarium for it. And I actually heard of K&G from Miss Joycelyn (from Copperhead Studios) bragging about their soaps! I’ve been dying to try their stuff.
        We just started our Kune Kune pig project last year. They’re hairy colorful pigs that originate from New Zealand. They produce a super healthy meat, especially being strictly grass fed. They also have great temperaments which make them great pets too!
        I did get an invite from Capt. John Swallow, I am interested! I’m just about to message him back to ask about the details. Thank you so much BW!

        • I gave him all your pertinent info and so glad he reached out to you. You do know that Joycelyn and I are friends? Here’s a piece I wrote about her several years ago. I’ve tried to promote you through every avenue I can, and I see several of my friends have LIKED and shared your Haunted Cypress Studios page. Check out the Sponsor page on the blog and fill in all the necessary information, and we shall go from there. I’m so glad you are willing to do this! My readers will be so thrilled when they see your work, too! Be sure you send a photo of the piece you are giving away so I can include it in the post for the giveaway! Exciting stuff! the pigs sound delightful, but I’m sure if you make pets out of them you won’t want to give them up as a food source. That’s kind of tough, so how will you balance that? It’s so great to have you here, Nell! Looking forward to great things for both of us this year!

          • I figured you and Joycelyn would be friends! She’s one of my favorite local artists.
            I’ll get that Sponsor info filled out today. I’ll be able to make a new terrarium for the giveaway either Sunday or Monday, I’ll send you a picture then.
            And about the pigs, I’ve only named the one’s we don’t plan on eating! haha. But we treat them all the same, humanely and respectfully like all farm animals should! Being a full fledged meat eater, even though it is kind of tough, eating meat that I know was raised and fed properly by me feels better than eating mystery meat from the grocery store. I admit it’s a completely different experience eating meat from an animal I’ve raised myself, but in a way it helps me to appreciate it more seeing where it comes from. Back in the day it was normal to witness the slaughtering of farm animals for meat, but now everything is done behind a curtain and it’s easier to ignore the truth about where and how our meat is processed. So that’s how I balance that! Trying to pull myself out that lifestyle of “ignorance is bliss”. haha! It is challenging but so far I’d say it’s been worth it.

            • And you, by all means, know that I was not being critical. If you saw my Facebook post about the duck hunting last week, I challenged folks about that very thing. At least several meals during the week down on the bayou we can tell you where our food came from, whether it’s fish, shrimp, crabs, venison, rabbit, duck, etc., because WE harvested it ourselves!!! I’m glad you wrote again because you’re NOT going to believe this, and I love little serendipitous moments like this: I’m reading some books by Victoria Connelly who moved from London to the country and her transition to country life with gardening, etc. She mentioned visiting a neighboring farm that had those VERY SAME PIGS. Isn’t that crazy? Never heard of them before, and then twice in one week. Thank you for the enlightenment. I love learning new things, and I never knew these little fellows existed until you told me! My word, there’s even a Kunekune Pig Society! Your information box has been received, and I look forward to your being the February sponsor of the month (and the photo)! Thanks so much!

              • No offense taken whatsoever! Harvesting my own meat is a new thing for me personally, I know many bayou folk that hunt. I’m just trying to get on their level of comfort with handling the processing part! I actually plucked my first muscovy duck last week, I’m working on it;)
                That is sooo awesome about the Kune’s!! My bf and I are actually part of the KKPS. There’s even two other people in Louisiana that are registered breeders. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on eventually and you’ll end up seeing them more often! haha.

  9. I enjoyed your article. I hope you had a great holiday and I hope this new year will bring YOU MUCH SUCCESS.
    My husband’s health is declining and I am having to stay pretty close around home. Your son deserves respect for trying to work. MAYBE if we get through the rest of this year we will see better days. good luck !!

    • Louise, we had wonderful holidays and hope the same for you. I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s decline. These are the sorts of things I was talking about in this blog post. I could say all the kind words in the world, but it won’t change that this is a path you will have to walk. But we can lift one another up in prayer, good thoughts, and positive energy. I will pray for your strength as you take care of him, and God be with you both.

  10. iPhone test. Okay, for those of you who tried to comment from an iPhone – TRY AGAIN, because the glitch has been fixed!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of your fur baby. They are just like our children. I love your web site great job and Awsome recipes. Just the best ever. Thank you for sharing with us all and ESP. The chance to win such a great gift. Thank you

    • Oh and I forgot to tell you… I think they are still with us even when they pass away. I still hear my little Min Sczh. Edgar. I know some think I’m crazy for thinking this way but I do believe that they really are with us. So yes you may hear her little toes on your floor a lot. That’s her way of telling you she is ok and with you!!! So when you hear her always speak to her. They can hear us too you know. Don’t be AFFRAID to talk to her… And if people tell you that you are crazy… So what… You know what you hear. You are not crazy!!! Much love to you and your little baby.

      • Kathy, welcome to the bayou and this blog—at least I think you’re new here, but we’re glad to have you. Saw your posts on FB, too, so thank you following that page as well. We just need a few more new comments, and we can have the drawing. I appreciate your words about my little dog. I try not to think about it too much because it makes me sad, but as you say, her memory lives on. Thanks again for stopping by! BW

  12. You know, Miah is old enough to volunteer working for Houma Grown. Maybe you could increase his allowance to something like $6 per work hour to make up the difference.

    • I’m not sure about that idea, Choup. I’m working hard enough to support myself as it is!!! But I appreciate the thought, and if you win this bath bomb, I want a full report on whether or not it made your mouth water while bathing, LOL!!!

  13. Welcome back! Lol I didn’t get my notice of a new post and didn’t see this one till a few days ago. Today is the first opportunity for a response.
    Is the Cajun Sportsman local? I find Country Roads in my neck of the woods, but have never seen the Cajun Sportsman.
    It is my hope to get somethings FINISHED in 2016. The Ms camp is 99.9999% complete. That is unless we continue to add small projects. The other biggy is settling my deceased aunt’s estate.
    Court set for Feb. in one of the lawsuits. Enough!

    • Well, I’ve been wondering where you were. I changed email services, so I’m not sure why you didn’t get one. I’ll have to look into that. Cajun Sportsman is local. Getting the camp finished will be great! I don’t envy you the other legal project, though. I wish you great finished things in 2016, Steffi!

  14. Glad you’re back…missed you! You must be SO proud of your son and his amazing accomplishments…he is a fine young man! Think his parents and siblings have something to do with that…

  15. I’m hoping for a few more new comments before I do the drawing, so please share this blog post on your social media and other outlets! Thank you! BW

  16. King cake!! Yum. Thanks for the opportunity to win something. When I finish this comment, I plan to check out your new link. I have not done any exploring in Louisiana. I hope to get out that way sometime soon. I enjoy nature and it has been fun seeing your pictures and reading about your travels. I found you looking for a fig preserve recipe several years ago. The figs turned out perfect and I have made them several times and got hooked on your blog as well.

    • Except it’s a bath bomb! You can’t eat it! But welcome to this bayou blog, Kippy Jo. So great to have you. The drawing will probably be Sunday evening or early Monday morning! Thanks so much for stopping by. BW

    • But it’s a bath bomb! No matter HOW good it smells, don’t eat it!! Thanks for dropping in. Hope you’ll come back soon! BW

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