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  1. I’ve missed your column. My prayers that things smooth out for you. We’ve spent a lot of time in Drs offices but, in September, we were discussing how much we missed a co-worker of my husbands that retired last year and he and his wife moved to Ohio. That was on a Sunday evening. I got up Monday, had hubby take car to have it tuned and oil changed and filled up while I dug out suitcases. I spent that day and Tuesday getting ready to be away for a couple of weeks. Wednesday morning, we finished loading up, sent the kids texts that we were gone and headed north. Actually northeast. We took our time stopping frequently to stretch our old bodies out and enjoy views. We went thru Texarkana, across Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and into Ohio. We stopped for the night when we were tired except the evening we were heading from Kentucky to Ohio. We got stuck in a mountain pass for 4 1/2 hours and moved about 2 football fields. We were lucky. I always carry snacks, drinks, tissue, paper towels, etc. Folks were getting out of their vehicles and walking around visiting others. And it was heavily wooded on a few feet from us so that you had privacy if needed. We finally arrived in Ohio and stopped at the first half decent motel at 10:30.

    Hubby got to go to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. We had planned to tour the Grand ‘Ol Opry but, it had poured down rain. We did see the reproduction of Loretta Lynns childhood home in Butcher Holler or is it Hollow. It rained on us most of the way to our friends. We arrived Saturday morning. Had a wonderful week with them. They have a home that was part of the underground railroad. Still has part of the tunnel that collapsed in basement and still has the hiding room. We went to different Amish areas and when we finally started home, my car was loaded with coolers of fresh produce and cheeses. We came back across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri and headed south thru Arkansas to Ft. Smith to visit our nieces and their families. And to share some of the fresh foods. We spent 3 days coming home and stopped in Missouri at a wine outlet where I picked up some of the favorites of my kids. Then I spotted an outlet for name brand knives. I stopped and picked up a new Wusthoff Chefs knife for a third of the original price. I do like it. It isn’t as heavy as my big chefs knife. I saw chefs sets that cost over $1500!! And that was the outlet price!

    It was a wonderful vacation. Wished we could have stayed longer. I think Ohio is a beautiful area and everyone was so friendly. We also went into Pennsylvania which was about 2 blocks from their home. If you ever get a chance, go to Sugar Creek and visit the Der Dutchman’s Restaurant and cheese shop. You won’t regret it.

    • Cammy, what a grand adventure you and hubby had! It is so wonderful that you found the time and energy to pack up and go visit old friends. And then to gather special things to bring back home and share with others. Thank you for your prayers and for sharing this with us! I’ve never been to Ohio but I bet the weather was nicer than the south this time of year! We’ve had way too much rain and can’t seem to have more than two mornings below 60 degrees. It’s good to be back here, and I hope to post more regularly after I’m able to get back on the water more often. Much love to you and yours!

  2. Glad to hear more about what has been going on in your life. We’ve both been so busy we haven’t had a chance to talk. I’m glad your year of positive change has been that! You remember mine was the year of confidence. I believe that has happened for me like yours happened for you. We will have to come up with our next year’s mantra in December. Fall finally came here – after winter. We went right from summer to an early winter and now back to some beautiful fall weather. I have been getting our and enjoying some hiking and rock hounding. I hope to meet up with you in December. I’ll let you know of my plans when I know what they are. Continued positive change to you for the rest of the year! I hope there is lots more!

    • Happy to hear your year of confidence is being fulfilled! I’d say teaching an Etsy class is pretty self-confirming! I think my 2019 mantra will be “More Positive Change”!! I heard there was already some snow in NM. Did you have any? I envy your hiking adventures, and the photos are breathtakingly beautiful. What a beautiful place you live. sure let me know your plans and keep on building that confidence! See you in December, friend!

  3. Welcome baby Ky and so pleased for another Elizabeth in our family. She’s delicious. Congratulations to Mom and Dad. Looks like Vivie approves.

    I followed your Mandalay project with relish. Lovely pictures and ever so grateful that y’all do the work that the wildlife will flourish for generations. Sweaty and sometimes yucky work. Glad those guys came to the rescue!

    I hope you’re feeling and doing better now my dearest friend. I will see you soon. Love & hugs.

    • It’s been an eventful few months for many of us, hasn’t it cuz? You’re in my thoughts often, and I hope you’re hanging tough and getting the rest you need to stay strong for the tasks at hand. Sending much love your way!

  4. I have missed your posts. Now that the cooler weather has FINALLY made it’s presence, We’ll both be able to take a deep breath. Having to go to Ms every week to cut grass then come home to cut grass takes a lot of time. We usually spend at least one night in Ms. Then of course I visit with Daddy at the nursing home, go to church, grocery shop, etc. You get the picture. I’m going to enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace. A trip to DeCade would be very nice too!
    Your girls are real cuties. I hope you’re able to spend a good bit of
    time spoiling them! Being a grandparent is great. Get as many kisses in while you can, because there will come a day when they THINK they’re too old.

    • Hi Steffi – it’s great keeping up on social media, but to me there’s nothing as comforting as reading a comment right here like the old days. I’m hoping to get back here more often, well, once I get my mojo back! Meanwhile, I think this morning before I take the mudboat into town for repairs, I’ll post the dressing recipe again. Haven’t had time to kitchen test the new one I had in mind . . . . Oh, yes, I’m enjoying those little girls so much. Being a grandparent IS great! And I’ll take your advice. I’ll do a post after I make it out to Decade! Happy Thanksgiving!

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