Termite Turns Thirteen

Blow out the matches

birthday card

birthday card inside

He’s the last of five.  He’s the last pumpkin on the vine.  He’s the baby.   He’s been a blessing (and a challenge) for 13 years.  I wonder if he knows that he’s already lived more life and seen more things than some folks experience in a lifetime?  Maybe a few photos will help answer that question . . .

Baby gator



First Redfish


Honey Comb


First speckled trout


Water Testing

Boogie Board

First Flounder

Dolphin Rescue

Horseback Riding


King snake

First garfish

Rat snake

First sheephead

Kayak fishing

Surf fishing

State Senate

Bayou Cleanup


First Youth Duck Hunt

First pet coon

Sleep well, son.  Thank you for 13 years of blessing.



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  1. Wonderful memories for both of you, I’m sure. Our children are God’s blessings. I’m pretty sure he won’t realize (till he’s much older) what a blessing God has given him also, when he was placed in your care. He wouldn’t have made it to the ripe age of 13 at my house if he brought a snake on my porch! I would have had to use the shotgun on the snake and the pellets I’m sure would have gotten him too! Happy Birthday Termite!

    Wow, that got me, cuz I just went thru the same thing Nov 30th. Where did the time go? Mine was just holding his first wiggly fish only yesterday…His butterfly kisses are still warm on my cheek….AAaaarrrrgh! I let him catch beads on the other side of the street during the last mardis gras parade on the boardwalk, I looked over and couldnt believe my eyes…my little buddy wasnt there…a quiet, tall, shaggy haired teenaged kid was standing where my baby was supposed to be…THAT hit me hard!!!
    You have a beautiful & loving family BW, your love & guidence shows through all of them. I wish I had the opportunity to raise my kid in the bayou country like that, Heck, I wish I could have grown up like that myself!!! Thanks for sharing your world with us BW.

  3. Happy Birthday Termite! I can’t believe he’s 13. Seems like only yesterday he was in my classroom watching birds at the window. Great pictures.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your son, someday he will realize how fortunate he was to have such a beautiful and rich childhood. You done good with that boy.

  5. Happy Birthday Termite!
    He is a doll! He’s gonna have to beat them girls off with a stick! Look at those dimples.
    Your pictures made me teary eyed. They grow so fast, huh?

  6. This is a stupendous look into the past as Seth was growing up! I loved it! You are so incredibly creative and gifted in communicating! I had forgotten his little blond noggin for the first few years! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your Bayou babe!


  7. Wow! What a wonderful journal and amazing photos! You are right, he’s done more livin’ than the average person twice his age! Happy Birthday, Termite!