Bayou Woman Adventures Premieres on Louisiana Outdoor Adventures with Kevin Ford — 13 Comments

  1. I’ll have to watch on the website, but I surely will. That’s a great photo, and I’ll bet the show will be a good one, too. Did you manage to get in a plug for those earrings? They look like they’re some of Kim’s!

    • I wear those earrings all the time and I never, ever take them off (except when I go to the beauty shop, which is not often!!!). But yes, they are Kim’s. They will most certainly get plugged at the first BWA!

    • Kim, first it is on in Louisiana on Cox Sports TV, which is cable network on both Cox and Charter (part of their sports package). Later, it will be national on Sportsman Channel, but I don’t have those dates yet. And within a week, it should be on their site, and I will certainly let everyone know when it’s on there.

  2. First let me say, I’m sorry to cut short your previous blog post: “Who was that girl?”. “Followers” please go back and read it, it’s great. Now about this post…The Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau or Terrebonne Parish Chamber of Commerce really should hire you as their spokesperson, IF you could find the time in your busy schedule. You did really good job of promoting your adoptive parish. AND… you did a wonderful job as Eco tour guide, Charter Capt., crabber, etc. I was glad to see all the exposure you received. BTW, Camp Dularge was also featured…inside and out, front and back. You’ll be quite pleased and your family proud when you see the show. I hope Kevin Ford and John Jackson Productions fish with you again. They often do more shows with Charter Captians. When that happens, brush up on some “oldies” to sing.
    Oh yeah, I noticed the “Redfish” earrings during the show but forgot to comment when I posted. I thought about the Kim and Bayou Fabio post when I saw them.

    • Hey – did you mean to say gar fish? Or is the “redfish” in quotes as a throwback to another post/comment from days gone by? My memory ain’t what it used to be, honey. I think you are the second person that asked me if I sang with Kevin. He did NOT sing, but I surely wished he had because I would have belted one out with him. I’m hoping to get him back down on a winter trout charter, and maybe another episode. I had lots of fun with those guys, and no doubt JJ made the show look great! And I really do wear my earrings all the time – just ask anyone who knows me.

      • Yeah, I meant Gar. I was so frustrated trying to post. It took 2 computers and 14 tries! (I kept count) The d#$&@* things kept freezing up on me, so I’d loose everything I’d typed. Anyway, think positive. The next time…you pick a song and sing your heart out. He’ll either sing along or they’ll edit. LOL!

  3. Wow! Wendy…you look great! I agree with Steffi. The Houma Area Visitors Center should hire you as the spokeman for Terrebonne Parish.

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