Bayou Woman and Producer Kovac Need YOUR HELP!

Award-winning videographer Guy Hernadez taking a serious look at the Terrebonne Basin near my home

This past spring, I had the honor of taking out a producer and a videographer who were in the early stages of a documentary about the cultures and way of life that will be gone when the Louisiana wetlands are no longer here.

It is my pleasure to ask you to take a few minutes of your time and visit the website for the documentary: Tide of Tears.

Then, if you would, please click the link below to help nominate this documentary to win some of the money American Express is so eager to give away. This banner should take you straight to the project we would like you to nominate.


I trust the producer, Stephanie Kovac, to do a good job of relating to the nation and the world what is at stake here if America does not stand up and lay claim to coastal Louisiana in the form of substantial coastal restoration. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s crucial that you go nominate this project and let the voice of the Bayou People be heard through those who have the means to shout it the loudest!

And from the bottom of my bayou heart, thank you all very, very much!

Merci beau coup, mon ami!


8/18/08 My net has been down for two days. I have new posts I want to make but a pressing project has me seriously occupied from sunup until sundown.

Please go to AE and nominate “Reclaiming the Cajun Coast” project. We have until September 1st to help it reach the top 25 nominations! Please, you can help make a difference for the culture and way of life for all bayou people with just five minutes of your time. To all who have already voted, I can’t thank you enough. Merci a thousand times!!!! And please pass the word on nation-wide, no–worldwide! BW

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  1. Wendy, You might mention that browser Netscape will not all nomination of this project. I had to do it in Internet Explorer. Good luck!

    Thanks so much for the advice, and were you able to nominate the project, Cyn?

  2. I’ve tried to register 5-6 times and it won’t allow me to. So no, I haven’t been able to vote. It keeps saying I have an invalid e-mail address or it won’t take my password (when it did accept my address twice). I’ll keep trying. Cynthia, how did you manage to get to the site to vote?

    If you don’t have an AE card, then try to register as a “Guest” and go from there. Hopefully, this is not the case for lots of people. We need to get as many votes in as soon as possible! Thanks for trying, though!

  3. I got in fairly quickly and have nominated this project.

    I’m just getting home from town and so glad to see you did this! Thanks so much!

  4. Looks like a great project!! I will pass along the site so that she can get more nominations!!

    Oh Kelly, thanks so much! She had such a whirlwind trip through here today, and I had suggested if she had time that we run up and see you. She was just passing through on her way to the airport, though. Right now, “Reclaiming the Coast” is only 164 votes from being in the Top 25, so if we can spread the word, this project could SORE TO THE TOP, and that would be AWESOME for getting the attention needed for our vanishing way of life and culture!

  5. Another one of those “coincidences” that is happening to you! Wow! I will go to this site right now and do as you suggested.

    I can always count on you, my “ray of sunshine Kim” to point out the wonders of happenstance that are really not accidental at all! Isn’t it exciting when everything lines up like that? I am “counting my lucky stars” under an almost-full moon tonight! Thanks for voting, and please let me know if you get through, ok?

  6. Yes, Wendy. I was able to vote. The number of votes flipped to 120 after I voted. Wendy, I will post a short note with a link to your blog in the Houma Courier Forum in the Feedback section. Hopefully, that will generate a few votes.

    Stephanie, I registered as a Guest using my usual Netscape browser, but I had to move over to Internet Explorer to get the vote to take. When the vote is taken a pop up box comes up thanking you for voting and the number of votes flips adding your vote. If you have a secondary email address, try it. It might work. Good luck

  7. If anyone wants to see the Houma Courier Forum Post go here

    Under Your Discussions, click on Feedback. Look for Wetlands Documentary Needs Your Vote

    You do not need to register just to read it, but if you want to post you need to register. Posting helps generate traffic. Consider posting. When you register, you can use a screen name or your real name. Most use screen names.

  8. Yea! The site finally decided I knew my own email address. I don’t know why I wasn’t “allowed “to sign in yesterday. I did exactly the same thing both days. Oh well, I’ve voted! May we pretend to be in Orleans Parish of “yesteryear” and vote again? Seriously, with your permission, B.W. I’d like to copy and paste a portion of this entry to send out as an email. Hey, you might pick up more people for the Blog.

  9. I made it through Wendy and voted. I will pass the into on to a few friends. Hopefully we’ll get the rest of those votes!

  10. Y’all are awesome, amazing people! Cynthia and Kim, thanks! And yes Stephanie, you may do that. Feel free! The more the merrier! And the closer our chances of getting to the top 25!!!
    Thanks so much! I’ll keep you posted.

  11. Cynthia, watch the Courier for an article about the project. Nikki Buskie picked up on theforum you started and called the producer and interviewed her!!!! You go girl! You did an amazing thing! Thanks so very, very much!

  12. Wendy,
    There is no way I could ever repay you and your friends — not only for your votes but for your commitment to this cause. To me, south Louisiana is the closest to heaven you can get. The beauty of the bayou is unparalled. There’s no question it’s worth saving. And, I believe very strongly that man has a moral obligation to fix what he has destroyed. It may sound Pollyanna but it’s the truth! The lawmakers and big oil raped the land of Louisiana, and it’s high time they’re held accountable. The coast can be restored but it’s going to take more than talk, and more than a $300 million handout over four years. 40% of the nation’s wetlands are in Louisiana… they’re even called “AMERICA’S wetland”. Given all that Louisiana and the bayou people have contributed to this country — the oil and gas, the seafood, the history, the heritage — it’s about time America gave a damn, and gave back. No matter what happens with the American Express competition, I promise you I will not give up until that pipeline is in place and we’re sustaining the coast, saving the culture, and rebuilding the paradise you call home!

  13. After reading website for A Tide of Tears: Reclaiming the Cajun Coast, I knew in my heart that Stephanie has grasped the longitude and latitude of this vanishing way of life. Solving this problem is not a Louisiana problem. It is a national imperative. We can put numbers on the oil and gas that crosses this coast and the tonnage of Baton Rouge New Orleans Port and the seafood industry. But not on a way of life.
    To lose this Cajun Culture is a tragedy equal to the Trail of Tears. This film deals with solutions!

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