Sewage Treatment Plant Finished!

Goosie Guice and Termite

Before I post that, please let me backtrack and post a link to the article Lyle Johnson wrote about the fishing trip he and Gossie made with Termite and me.

Now.  Let’s install the drain field.

Drain Field 1

The white pipe is from the last photo of the previous post–it drains the “treated water” or “gray water” from the plant out to the black pipe . . .

Drain Field 2

These pipes sit flat on the ground and interlock.  The “leach holes” on the sides are vented downward to allow water out without letting dirt in.


Anthony comes back and covers the leach pipe while Tracy digs with a shovel looking for a “fiber optic” telephone wire.


The drain field runs toward the ditch in the front yard, and this final piece of pipe is to allow any overflow of “gray water” to flow into the ditch.

Drain Pipe

And this little jewel is equipped with a flapper valve that shuts if the water in the ditch gets too high, preventing backflow into the treatment plant.  Got that?  There will be a 20 question test later.

Aerator Pump

This is an electric pump called an “aerator” that pumps air down into the tank to speed up the breakdown of the solids.

Aerator Pipes

The aerator is mounted on the post behind Tracy.  The air runs through the small white pipe into the tank.  All I have to do now is install new plumbing under the house, connect the discharge pipe to the big white pipe you see, and run a 3-inch vent pipe above the roof line, and we’ll be good to go, or good to flush, whichever you prefer! LOL!

What's this?

Anyone care to guess what this is?

To be continued . . .


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  1. Unfortunately I just finished supper and decided to see whatcha been up to. I could have logged off but what the heck….I was already nauseated from Blufloyd’s eloquent description of the joys of Ridd-X in your post for 1/6. I have to say, though, I use it too out here in Abita Springs.

    That said, I’m happy for your progress. Looks like a tight job from here. And I agree with Blu, looks like the underside of your deck. That’s gonna be awesome!

  2. ok, blu & katy said deck, I say porch, lol wonder what criteria decides when a porch becomes a deck, or if a deck just doesnt make it to a porch….lol. that may be the question I need to get me to Lowes for task on my to do list….lol. I would have guessed the underside of your home til I saw that ray of sunshine beaming thru!
    Debbi, to cold to get going this am……….

  3. I’m glad to see the progress! I’m calling it a back porch ’cause that sounds better than a back deck. Although I imagine some people (like maybe blu) might call it a “poop” deck seein’ how that’s where the vent pipe is located. 😉

  4. Thanks magnolia, I had some really good material to work with. Test question; that little jewel with the flapper is a check valve.

  5. If it’s attatched to an 80 year old Cottage, it’s a porch. 80 yrs. ago, a deck was found on a boat. The average family called it a porch. The “uppity” said veranda.

  6. Rich white folks got decks and us others we got porches.

    Ya’ll say, can I see ya’ll porches?, anywhere north of me and ya’ll better have parking for about 20 goofy German sports cars.

    I might a know’d a girl named Veranda wasn’t much to look at but she was very very fast.

    K_B, how far from the brewery are you?

  7. Y’all are cracking me up! I think I’ll be uppity and call my porch a deck and then call my catwalk a veranda. How ya like that, huh?

    Blu – now I have to admit that was very very funny!!!

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