Sewage Treatment Plant Finished! — 17 Comments

  1. Unfortunately I just finished supper and decided to see whatcha been up to. I could have logged off but what the heck….I was already nauseated from Blufloyd’s eloquent description of the joys of Ridd-X in your post for 1/6. I have to say, though, I use it too out here in Abita Springs.

    That said, I’m happy for your progress. Looks like a tight job from here. And I agree with Blu, looks like the underside of your deck. That’s gonna be awesome!

  2. ok, blu & katy said deck, I say porch, lol wonder what criteria decides when a porch becomes a deck, or if a deck just doesnt make it to a porch….lol. that may be the question I need to get me to Lowes for task on my to do list….lol. I would have guessed the underside of your home til I saw that ray of sunshine beaming thru!
    Debbi, to cold to get going this am……….

  3. I’m glad to see the progress! I’m calling it a back porch ’cause that sounds better than a back deck. Although I imagine some people (like maybe blu) might call it a “poop” deck seein’ how that’s where the vent pipe is located. 😉

  4. Thanks magnolia, I had some really good material to work with. Test question; that little jewel with the flapper is a check valve.

  5. If it’s attatched to an 80 year old Cottage, it’s a porch. 80 yrs. ago, a deck was found on a boat. The average family called it a porch. The “uppity” said veranda.

  6. Rich white folks got decks and us others we got porches.

    Ya’ll say, can I see ya’ll porches?, anywhere north of me and ya’ll better have parking for about 20 goofy German sports cars.

    I might a know’d a girl named Veranda wasn’t much to look at but she was very very fast.

    K_B, how far from the brewery are you?

  7. Y’all are cracking me up! I think I’ll be uppity and call my porch a deck and then call my catwalk a veranda. How ya like that, huh?

    Blu – now I have to admit that was very very funny!!!

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