The Adventures of Chaoui Contest for Children-WE HAVE A WINNER! — 2 Comments

  1. I really miss her. In my heart she’ll always stay the same. Aggravating you in your computer room, splashing water and food all over the place, crying to come back inside. Mostly the pleasure all of you, and me, got from her love of investigating and playfullness.

    I can still see her perched on the outside window sill looking in.

    Thanks again for sharing her.

    You are very welcome. It was my sincere pleasure! I still think I’m going to write a book or an article because I only scratched the surface of what she was capable of on this blog!

  2. We are probably too late to enter your contest, but after much searching ( I had to help since my son is dyslexic) We finally found that Chaoui in Cajun/Indian means: raccoon. Sorry for the tardiness…I have put in some late days that quickly turned into late nights at the hospital. My son tried to research on his own, but ended up having to wait on poor ol mom lol.

    Here is the URL
    Debbi in TX

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