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    • You are most welcome, Kimberley. All is well down here, and just let me know if you want to come down again. I’m glad I had a spare jacket for you, because you would have been miserable without it. Thanks again for the great piece about your time in south Louisiana. I hope tens of thousands of people read it!

  1. If that darn seatbelt light wasn’t on in the plane, I would have jumped up and down! You ARE the coolest chick ever! Thanks for reposting. And thanks for all you do!! <3

    • Joan, thank you ago so much for mailing me the magazine. I was recently looking through the photos taken while you were on tour with me, and we saw some pretty neat things in the swamp that day! I’m sure I speak for everyone down here who benefited from you help when I say thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for caring enough to come down and give of your time and energy to help those ravaged by the storms. You are a jewel, Joan! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. The line about stilted houses standing like painted ladies holding up their skirts was brilliant. Travelers know that the beautiful old Victorian houses in San Francisco are called painted ladies. This girl can write! Sitting on a plane reading this on my way to San Fran to see my son would have been one of those providential moments for me. They happen, and when they do we are grateful. Thanks for sharing this, Wendy.

    • I didn’t know that about the Victorian houses in the SF area being called painted ladies, but I too loved her apt description of our houses on stilts! She is a brilliant writer, but it sometimes takes a good writer to recognize and appreciate another. I think providential moments happen regularly but sometimes go unnoticed because we are so busy and so distracted by things like social media. Sometimes I wish I had held my ground about not falling into the deep dark hole some call Facebook! Alas, like many things in life, one must use some self discipline when it comes to time management; although FB is a great way to reconnect with old friends and to keep in touch with distant family on a regular basis. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really enjoyed the piece. She captured the essence of La. It certainly sounds like Kimberly enjoyed her stay (and the food) in south Louisiana.
    BTW, I remember the Chutney recipe. I had thought about making some, but lost my large fig tree to a Hurricane (not sure which one) and the smaller of the 2 to disease.
    Anyway…it is a small world. From different countries to different coast of the US.

    • I hope I never grow so stoic that I miss these connections or lose the tendency to be amused by them. I recall you lost your trees . . . mine split in half and I have not managed to harvest figs from them for two summers now. The preserve shelf is almost bare because of that. I’m thinking it’s time to plant a new fig tree down here on my land and see what happens. I think Kimberley really did enjoy her trip, and what a neat gig travel writing seems to be. Of course, winter isn’t the best time to take a ride into the swamp, but I think she made the best of it. I hope y’all get to come catch some trout in the lake this winter!

  4. Great article – both of them! I love when those connections happen. They seem to show up unexpectedly but fill me with such smiles. This whole article has sent me back to looking at my pictures of our too-long-ago trip your way and scheming how to make another one.

    • I remember that trip well . . . and how we didn’t get to catch any fish but the swamp tour was fun! Hope all is well in your world, Susie! Glad you enjoyed the articles.

  5. Well, now I see why everyone was talking about that magazine! What a wonderful article. I enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve paddled my canoe on Bayou Lacombe many times but have never met Shannon V. Wendy, I love your stories of synchronicity – again!

    • I wonder how many people read that article while in flight? She goes by Shannon Griffin now. She’s a younger woman, very energetic and definitely a kindred spirit. Synchronicity–what a great word! I think I’d like to paddle up there some day. I don’t do that much and hope to change that fact. Thank you, Kim.

    • Oh, I know you do miss it! It’s so different without your mom here, though. Kinda hard to call it home, huh? Everything else is still here, though, and I know that’s what you’re talking about!!!

  6. Now that’s just cool! I’ve had the same experience of worlds colliding since I’ve been blogging, and it’s pretty amazing. We are making the world smaller and more personal with our online connections and that’s a good thing. Way to go, being in that magazine!

    • It IS amazing, but you’re so right when you say we make the world smaller with our online connections! Girl, you and I must somehow be connected through the airwaves, because you were heavy on my mind Saturday night as I watched a show I had never seen before–“Barnwood Builders”, wherein Mike Bowe and his crew of West Virginia workers dismantle old barns and turn them into houses and other cool buildings. I must have watched several back to back, I was so enthralled with all the old history in those rough log structures, and I thought about you the entire time. So, it’s been a while–did that make you think of me and drop by? I hope all is well with you and yours, my WV story-telling friend! So happy to hear from you!

  7. Met a gentleman at the grocery store this weekend and he helped me find some more French onion soup to replace what I used in your jambalaya recipe.
    We spoke about how the soup was great in Cajun recipes and I told him where I got mine. Also about the camp, tours and your efforts in saving the marshes, bayous, etc. He was very interested and said the tours and camp was something he needed to check into once his wife recovered from her surgery. I gave him the info to find your posts and I hope you get another reader and possible visitor from it.

    • Drumming up business for me in the supermarket, eh Cammy? I love it!!! And of course it’s much appreciated! My poor boat has been blocked in by the invasive water hyacinth for a month now. Just today I found out there is tug boat in that slip trying to break up the plants and push them out. I’ve lost out on business because I couldn’t get my boat out. Never ever seen it this bad. So, thanks again for the promo! You’re the best! So, did you make redneck gumbo? I’m making taco soup tonight. I know it sounds odd in this hot weather, but I have all the ingredients and Dotter had an envie! Great hearing from you, too!

      • Definitely the redneck gumbo. I love it over rice. And I love taco soup.

        I fixed pork chops tonight with baked, candied acorn squash and purple hull peas. Very good. Hope the gentleman gets in touch with you. Hope your business gets better too.

  8. After seeing the photo of Kimberly, I kept saying to myself “she reminds me of someone”. I figured it out after seeing a commercial earlier. She reminds me of Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis. Mystery solved!

  9. Had I read an article in the magazine on a plane, I would probably have ended up with a security detail because I would have in fact jumped up and down and hollered “I know this woman! She is my soul sister! You have to read this!”. And then you would have been bailing me out of jail instead of on a beautiful vacation in the Caribbean.

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