BW’s Caribbean Vacation Comes to an End — 14 Comments

  1. That “last dinner sad face” just cracks me up. We’ve all had an experience or two of that. And at last — the fishing photos! I knew there had to be fishing involved somewhere, somehow! Every time I see someone enjoying beautiful waters like that, I think for just a second about our beautiful, pristine, Gulf of Mexico. Uh… not so much. There are reasons for our muddy water and brown beaches, but it’s hard not to envy what you experienced.

    Of all the things you had at breakfast, the papaya is what made me drool. We just can’t get good, ripe papaya here — not like I had in Liberia, when we had them growing all around us and could pick them from the trees. There were so many varieties — yellow flesh, orange, almost-red. Delicious.

    I must say — of all the ways to see the eclipse, yours is the best I’ve heard of. We didn’t get to see a thing because of clouds, so I’m glad you had that experience, too, as a part of a wonderful trip!

    • I was just disappointed that the (not so inexpensive) point and shoot Olympus I purchased for the trip couldn’t produce a near-decent photo of the moon. Big sigh. Yep, if you knew fishing was involved, you know me so well! You know, too, that I just love being on the water, fish or not. And it was absolutely breathtaking, from the bottom, which we could see at times, to the clouds. The papaya was good, too! I could get used to that kind of treatment, Linda!!! I’m sure one would grow tired of it, but I’d sure like to give it a try!

  2. Oh, it sounds like you have an absolutely mah-ve-lous time! You have a wonderful son, to do what he did; rather than let that trip go to waste, he planned a fabulous one for himself and his mom.

    I’m not surprised you slept like a log, despite the strange bed and surroundings. All those activities, the sun, the sand, the food (!) and no work-a-day cares or responsibilities? What a way to recharge!

    • I guess maybe it’s the pressure of every day work and life that robs us of restful sleep, so I did return feeling fully recharged! I do miss the sound sleep, though, and am trying to figure out how to replicate that. Maybe a hotel mattress purchase is in my near future? Or at least a new one of a firmer type. It was mah-ve-lous, Gue`, and my son is wonderful to have done this for me, I agree. No regrets about this trip at all!

    • Hi Jo, and welcome! You’re right, it absolutely was a wonderful vacation and special time with my oldest son. I consider the trip a gift I never dreamed I would receive. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! BW

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time. I would have commented on all the vacation post, but wer’re having computer problems. Even the I phones are taking forever to do something.
    Did you find out about the fruit?

  4. The gecko isn’t gaudy at all, just beautiful bright colors. I would’ve bought one, too. And the hat you chose.

    You know I live vicariously through you so I loved reading about y’alls adventures. Besides sleeping well and being rested I notice your hair got blonder in all that sun and sea air.

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