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  1. Ahh…I remember days like that! We once had a similar rescue, except the reason we were DitW was because the outboard came off of the transom of the bateau we were in. We kept it from going overboard, but by the time we got it secure in the boat, the north wind form the just-passed cold front had us on the bank. A crew boat rescued us and returned us to the dock.

    Also, my next-door neighbor invented Cajun Anchors.

    Hope things are working better on your rig.

    • Wow! Now, I would HATE for that to happen. No way I could hold a 115 in the boat! Test ran today and found a crack in the fuel line right at the fuel filter. Got that fixed and now she’s running great again! I imagine, though, it’s about time to replace the complete fuel line so this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story with us!

      • Just a side note about the fuel you use. Gas with ethanol will destroy your engine, especialy the fuel components. If you are not sure about the gas being ethanol free, use some treatment you can get at any auto parts store or marine supply store.

        • Oh, Tar Baby. I guess you figured maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the keynote speaker at the Lake Charles LOWA conference????? I gave him a list of about four stations down here and in Houma that still sell 100% gasoline to add to his database!! BUT, I will change the whole fuel line since I don’t know what the previous owner ran through there; and I’m getting boat ready for speck season in Decade. Don’t need any more breakdowns!

  2. Wow…that was some day! Despite the obvious frustration, it does show yer perseverance and drive to always give a great experience to guests AND to do everything ye can before throwing in the towel.
    I’m sure those folks from Alberta will be talkiong about their adventure for years to come with huge grins on their faces (and missing the green, temperate environment o’ the Bayou).

    Thanks for sharing a tough day…we all wish ye strength & patience to carry on yer journey – and are privileged that ye choose to share with us!

  3. Just for the record, Columbus wasn’t fit to lick pond scum off a pirogue…

    Christophe Colombe (aka Christopher Columbus), the Genoese Italian, had a map…which the Spanish borrowed from the Vatican…who stole it from the Irish, who drew it on finding the New World about 525AD (St. Brendan The Navigator) – the same place the Vikings landed 500 years after that, and called Vinland (present day Newfoundland, Canada).
    …as it happens, Columbus couldn’t really follow a map either, since he was several thousand miles off course.

    • Yeah, me too! And I’m off again this morning to do it again! But the boat is running tip top since I found a crack in the fuel line during yesterday’s trial run. Repaired that and she’s running great!

  4. Wears me out just reading it too. I wonder how many of us have launched or tried to launch a boat that we forgot to put the plugs in???

    • Well, here’s the rub. I never had to remember plugs with the pontoon boat because there are NONE! So, remembering them is part of my checklist, like a pilot. I guess I forgot to go down the checklist that day, lol!

  5. LOL…… Once it starts turning brown it normally gets browner before it gets better. Just a morning full of brain lapses.

    We left a boat tied up to a cliff next to a cowboy bar one evening with a battery powered bildge pump running. When the battery ran down (a quick beer took almost 5 hours) we were luckly enough to meet a cowboy with a wench on his bumper cause it was a 10 ft shear drop to a 75% swamped boat. LOL…. we didn’t share that tale with anyone else for months…..

    I was laughing reading (I’m sorry), cause I just knew I had your problem solved (from experience on Lake Verret). Turned out we had a piece of gunk practically blocking the vent. So the tank vent was open, you could pump up the bulb just slowly, but it ran like a cheap moped.

    I love it, when you can laugh at yourself, you’ll never be laughing alone.

  6. That sounds a lot like our days at the fair grounds trying to get cattle ready to show, first we had to get stitches for Bryce before we got there, then a steer slipped and fell and got injured before he was shown, then Bryce got kicked in the stomach (he was fine, just got the wind knocked out), the RV air conditioner went out, a multitude of things didn’t work or were misplaced, none of the cattle placed well the second day, it was just one comedy of errors after another but the kids had a good time.

  7. Let’s not forget those were child sailors on those ships.

    Short story on blu’s days with a primer bulb.
    Buddy and me took Dad’s boat down river from town to family farm.
    About 12 miles by river. On way back motor would not run without constant hand priming. $10 vietnamese fuel pump fixed it but it was a long trip up stream.

  8. I too was laughing while reading your post. At least you hadn’t forgotten to fill up the tank. P.S. If you drive a boat or a car…plan on being towed in at one time or another. It’s a given!

  9. A suggestion…If you feel things are getting stagnant, go back to the begining and see what you’re doing different. Having been here since you started your blog I think I know, but I think it’s something you need to ponder for a while. BW, PLEASE don’t take this as a criticism! I certainly don’t mean it to be. I enjoy reading your blog or I wouldn’t have it on my “Favorites”. I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot too!

    • Oh, I don’t even have to go back and look! I KNOW what it is, and I’ve been contemplating what the next one might be! And oh, how I do miss and their participation and contributions! We’re on the same page, Oh Brilliant One!!!

  10. My dad flies small planes for a hobby and he always says the definition of a good pilot is one who can get himself out of a tough situation. Guess that could go for boat captains, too! Good job Capt’n Wendy!

    • Hi Jenny! So good to have you here! It’s been a while since you were down. Time for a return visit? Thanks for the encouragement. I have indeed had some exciting adventures via water! You might enjoy this story:

  11. After reading your blog,I’m not at all discouraged, I believe you iknow how to handle the situation and give an enjoyable tour. Looking forward to it, see you on the 26th. Billie

    • Oh, Billie, I’m smiling at your reply because I really did put it out there, didn’t I? Not even thinking I might scare away future customers! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ve rarely had trouble on the water . . . and the old sailors tell me it’s just called paying your dues. It happens. I guess like somebody else said, if you drive a vehicle, at some point, you will get a flat, run out of gas, or experience some sort of incident where you need to be “towed”!!! They gave me a hard time at the landing upon my return, but hey, I can take it! So, see you then! Looking forward to it!

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