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  1. Possum haw. Never heard the name, but I have seen the berries before. Now That I have a name for them, I will do a bit of research. I’m wondering if they are dibble for human, birds, or deer.
    Hope Y’all had a great day. I made sure to eat a nice sized portion of Blk eyed peas and cabbage. Lol! I also had a sm piece of King cake.

    • King Cake? Already? You didn’t even wait for Epiphany! Yes, mammals and birds do eat the berries, but don’t let me keep you from your research. You will come across another plant with this common name that looks nothing like this and does not have anywhere near the same botanical name. Other common names for this are “swamp holly”, winterberry, etc. Interesting plant and beautiful against the stark winter landscape. I ate cabbage and peas twice yesterday and will probably eat them again today for an extra measure of good fortune and luck. Does it work that way? (big smile)!!!

  2. Well, after all this time, I finally solved a little mystery. It wasn’t really a mystery, because I thought I knew what I was talking about. But, I didn’t. I’ve always believed and said we had poinsettias in Liberia. But, your article, and a few others made clear that they don’t grow in Liberia. So, the question was, what was that plant all around my house? I found out that it’s called Mussaenda, and that it very closely resembles poinsettia. So that answers that!

    Just as a note — poinsettias aren’t poisonous to cats and dogs, even though many people believe they are. However, the are mildly toxic, and can lead to problems. I don’t buy them for just that reason. I’d rather skip the poinsettia and skip the unpleasant symptoms that could come if Dixie got into them (which she probably would).

    When I still was messing with them, I had some poinsettias that I kept for about four years, and they will naturaalize here. They’re such pretty plants, and even in Houston, on the south side of a house, they’ll do well.

    Happy New Year, by the way. We’re only to January 2, and I’m already behind!

    If the sun ever were to come out again, I might go for a walk and try and track down some possomhaw. It’s one of my favorite plants

    • I just read your follow-up comment to my comment on your previous blog post pertaining to Christmas wherein you mention Poinsettias in Liberia as tall as the house. Whew, glad that mystery is now solved. I didn’t know they weren’t poisonous to cats and dogs, so that gives one a better feeling about planting them in the landscape, although I see why you would choose not to tempt Dixie! I hope you track down some possumhaw and use that new camera to get a brilliant shot of their bright red berries against the drab winter branches and sky. Happy New Year, friend!

  3. Mom used to trek into the woods and down the creek line at nanas’ and bring back a bag of beautiful, wild plants and leaves for my neighbor who made beautiful wreaths and bouquets for Christmas gifts. In return, mom got to pick up the pecans at her house. Possum Haw was one of the items. I thought it was gorgeous.

    And my mother in law planted her Christmas poinsettias outside each year. They grew really well and came back each year.

    • How about that? You had something in common with both topics of the article!! Way over there in TX. I’m sorry to hear that your mother needs more help these days, but you need to take care of yourself, also. So, I will keep you and her in my prayers, and let the good Lord take care of the rest. Wishing you a better year this year, Cammy.

  4. Now I know,thank you Wendy as I have a few I have kept over the years,the oldest is 5 years old and made very pretty red leaves again this year but is growing more like a tree. I will prune it back this year.

    • I’m sure that down in Florida you easily keep these from year to yer and in the landscape!
      Hope you are well and that you have a blessed 2016, Ronnie!

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