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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Wendy! I’m in the midst of cooking my meal also. I don’t think I have a favorite dish. I just like the combination of everything!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! We are having twice baked potatoes with all the regular turkey stuff and sweets. I love them!! I hope you and yours are all well an happy. This year I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my Dad. We lost him three weeks ago tomorrow. I cant be thankful enough for all the knowledge and love that he gave me and my children, I hope that you have a great day with the family and much success for the year to come, And I am thankful that I have you as a long distance friend. Cyrena, Katelyn, Jess and Clay

    • It’s so good to have you back contributing to the blog again, Cy. You’re always such a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad you recognize the blessings your father bestowed on your children while he was alive. And I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for the well wishes!


    • We always eat mid afternoon, that way we only have one big meal on T-day! We eat around 2, and then we finally eat dessert a couple hours later! No need for supper at all on T-day! Sounds like you had a great time with family, Louise. So happy for you!

  4. Made a turkey on weber yesterday. Came out perfect as always. Cranberries out of the can were major disappointment so starting with fresh this weekend. Fishing this am turned ugly quick as wind showed up on my hike to secret spot.

    Football and fetch and moving weber back to its spot with rain just to north and really cold air.

    Bonus posting- Choup style sweet taters with twist. Used greektown ‘billygoat’ seasoning as base for additional rosemary. stuck em sprayed with olive oil sprinkled the seasonings wrapped in the bottomless sandwich wrap foil. Oven at 425. Be done in an hour.

  5. We had the standard fare with the Cajun fried turkey being the star, as always. What I’ve discovered since just beginning to cook the holiday meals for my family is that I need additional serving bowls and serving spoons!

  6. As I pulled out the paper platers, plastic forks, knives and the cups, I thought about how I used to use the China and silver on holidays. There were 18 of us today and my china is a service for 12. I’m thankful they all were here and then made it back to thier homes safely. LOL!
    Man, was it loud around here!

    • I use the fine China Mother used to use only twice a year–T-day and Christmas. That’s pretty much when we use it, too. Wow! You had a gang, didn’t you? We only had sever—my crew’s not that big yet! Maybe one day before I’m too old too cook for that many . . . . .

  7. I was prepaired to have Thanksgiving alone. I was going to bar b q some ribs, but my brother Chuck called and envited me to Thanksgiving Dinner. For that I am thankful.

  8. Had a wonderful lunch at my son and daughter in laws in the country. We ate on the patio with a view of the horses grazing in the pasture. Son smoked a turkey and a small ham w/pecan wood and together we had potato salad, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, dinner rolls, fresh green onions, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and sodas. We ate too much and enjoyed it tremendously. The weather was perfect for an outdoor meal. Now, it is getting colder in here and a front has moved thru that is bringing a bit of rain.

    • Oh, I can picture it. I so can picture it. And outdoor meal, how wonderful! Is the front coming this way? Hm. I just realized I haven’t eaten breakfast, so full from yesterday, but now I think I’m ready to have a plate of all of the above foods you mentioned, lol! Our meals were almost identical, did you realize that?

      • Yes, I noticed that. Seems we like a lot of the same foods. We discussed our Christmas dinner also and I am leaving the choice of which types of food up to my kids. We do different themes/countries at Christmas. I think last year was “lazy American” buffet. Or if you wish, a baked spiral him, lots of condiments and all the fixing for sandwiches and dips.^/^ The year before was Tex Mex w/enchiladas, nachos, tacos, refried beans, rice, salsas, etc. We are thinking maybe German this year. Keeps things interesting.

        • They are similar because this year we had a traditional North Louisiana menu—coming from my side of the family. I guess you know what The Captain’s traditional meal is? Fried oysters, white beans, and rice. That’s it. And since we didn’t have that on the menu, he ate very, very little!!!

  9. Well, a happy, if belated, Thanksgiving. Judging by the menu, it sounds like it was a good day.

    Unless it is a secret family receipt, I’ve just GOT to know about that cabbage casserole! I love cabbage and I’ve never heard of anyone making a casserole with it. I’ll bet it is good, too.

    Hubby and I went to a local bakery/deli for their Thanksgiving buffet. They had all the traditional foods and their cooks do a fabulous job of preparing everything. Hubby works for them as one of their deliverymen and we’ve been before on Thanksgiving for their buffet.. As we finished our meal, the waitress came over to tell us that it was ‘on the house.’ It was very nice of Hubby’s boss.

    We spent most of the rest of the afternoon at Charlestowne Landing, the site of the original settlement here. It’s about a 5 minute drive from our house. The property was previously owned by a local couple and was deeded to the State of SC upon their deaths in the late 60’s. It is now a State Park and it’s open all year round. I had recently bought a year’s pass. The weather was nice and it was probably a good idea to walk off some of that dinner!

  10. My most favorite dish from many to chose from is cornbread dressing. Yeah, I am a country boy.
    My blessing are like looking at the stars, my mind can not comprehend how great they are. Bill

    • Did you happen to see the recipe I posted here for dressing? I finally have settled upon one that I really like. No guesswork like trying to copy my mom’s–which was never written down. I got it from a very nice older lady in the backwoods of Grant Parish! Talk about good? Mm mm mm!

  11. The friend I was going to spend T’giving with ended up breaking her right arm and left knee, so it was Thanksgiving dinner at Ye Olde Rehab Establishment. She didn’t want anything but cornbread dressing, my fresh cranberry relish and pecan pie, so that’s what she got! I went back up today, and now I’m going to go dump out the rest of the whipped cream and dedicate myself to turning over a meaner, leaner leaf.

    I know, I know. I could freeze the whipped cream. But if I do, I’ll just thaw it out and put it in coffee. I am determined, this time!

    • First off, NOBODY freezes whipped cream. Heck, I didn’t even know you could do that. And I’m joining you on turning over a leaner leaf. I’m not so sure I could be much meaner–just ask Termite, LOL!!! Hope you friend heals quickly.

  12. Best part of Thanksgiving is the next morning when all have gone home, the house back in order ( that means relatively clean), pulling out the leftovers to make a turkey & Dressing w/ cranberry poboy for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. LOL, you send doggie bags home with everyone to get rid of all the stuff not needed for the poboy.

    Thanksgiving day is non-stop so I might get a piece a pie, the next day though is about sitting back watching the games and “THE poboy”!

    A helpful hint;
    I am still surprized at the people who don’t know the secret to easy pot cleaning when cooking outside. Liquid soap! Coat the outside of the pot/pan before cooking in it. Stainless, alumium, cast iron, charcoal, propane, wood, doesn’t matter, you can cook all weekend then when ready to clean up, its just warm water and a cloth to clean it spotless again (Old Boy Scout trick). But I am guessing most of you know it already.

    Hmmmm … lets see, I am thankful for the next day leftover poboy! AND I no longer need to drive home thru Beaumont on early Thanksgiving mornings.

    • Okay, I hate to admit it, but this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard of a leftover turkey poboy! HOWEVER, we do have in common the fact that I LOVE a leftover turkey sandwich with mayo and mustard. Does that count? And the hint about the pot cleaning would have been a good one to know when some knuckleheads (sorry guys) put the brand new Stainless fish fryer pot on the wrong burner and burnt the bottom BLACK. So thanks for that helpful hint! What’s so bad about Beaumont in the early a.m.?

  13. Happy thanksgiving , i give thanks for my Lord and savior Jesus , family and friends and Thank you Jesus for opening up the way for my new volunteer photography job

  14. Well shoving the turkey carcass in the stockpot this morning.
    Will see if I got stock or enough meat for a white chili too.

    • Glad to see I am not the only one who shoves the carcass into a stew pot for stock. I like to put it in the oven for a bit first and let it get that roasted taste. Makes the stock really taste good. And of course I have a bunch of herbs still flourishing in the flower beds. Anyone need oregano, thyme, basil or some jalapenos and sweet banana peppers? My plants are going crazy along with the tomato plants.

  15. Rub it in.

    I got about a gallon of well herbed stock. And 2 batches of plucked meat for white chili. Came out really well.

  16. Cooking my carcass’s down this morning for stock,my favorite dish is cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving,i used a recipe I got from BW and made my own for the first time ever and it was great,finished it and the gravey for supper last night.

  17. Well stock from the turkey carcass, good old Carroll Shelby(RIP) White Chili Mix, plucked turkey meat and residual veggies, herbs and spices, 2 cans Cannellinni beans (never spell that right). Smells truly great as always. Got 4 quart bags of stock in freezer.

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