Bayou browsing or Bayou life?

Ok, this blogging has gotten waaaaaaay out of hand. The dust is now about 1/2 inch thick on the TV screens and table tops, the laundry is about 2 feet deep (in an 8×10 room), the dishes are stacked almost to the ceiling, the pantry and frig are empty; but the blog must go on. If I’m not fishing or touring, I just want to be blogging.

Switching gears now. We are bayou people, and unless you live on the bayou or have a close relative who does, you have no idea of our way of life. Well, it’s about time for you to be enlightened, don’t you think? Through my photos, I want to gradually entrench you in the culture and beauty of our way of life.

Bur first I need your help with something: I can’t decide whether to call this category Bayou Browsing or Bayou Life. I’ll let you decide. Use the comment box and vote for your favorite from now until 6 p.m. CST Wednesday. (I am taking a big chance that at least two people will view this post in less than a day, aren’t I? Oh well, I’ve always seen the boat as half empty!)

I’ll be back here tomorrow to see what you’ve decided! Oh, and thanks for helping a bayou gal out! Here’s the first photo installment. Enjoy!


We are nearing the end of our brown shrimp harvest. These are lovely shrimp one of my neighbors caught. I bought them straight off his boat. I am about to break off the heads, peel off the shells, and freeze them for the winter. The first time I held a fresh shrimp back in 1978, I had a very hard time looking at those beady, black eyes. They just kept staring back at me. A very wise woman told me, “Cher, you just have to break dat head off and move on or you gonna be here till next shrimp season!!!” Wow! What sage advice! Now, nearly 30 years later, I don’t even notice those beady little eyes— much!!

Down on the bayou, shrimp is a staple food—similar to beef in cattle country. We have shrimp stew, grilled shrimp, shrimp creole, shrimp etouffee, fried shrimp, butterfly shrimp, and on and on.

Coming soon . . . . Bayou Woman cooks Shrimp Boulette!



Thanks everyone for voting, and thank you Rocky for your creativity!!! Sorry you were outvoted, Kim!

COMING SOON: NAME THAT PHOTO CONTEST for a prize from the Junk Room.


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  1. Okay, my alarm doesn’t even go off until 6:00! But here’s my vote anyway – Bayou Life – simple, descriptive.

    And I have to pull myself away from the computer checking to see if you have a new post to get anything done around here!

  2. Sorry, Choup. I fished today – post coming soon!

    Heather, Boulette is NOT stew! But I will include the word for stew when I do the recipe. Maybe I’ll do it before Boulette! Oh, I pushed the time back until 6 tonight!!! Sorry about that!

  3. Did anyone mention how great your toenails looked in the hamper of shrimp picture? You go girl!! Not only a respected Capt., Mom, wife, cook and enviromentlist/conservationist……she can still keep her pedicure nice! Amazing lady.

  4. Boulette….isn’t it like a fried ball of components such as shrimp, crawfish, etc., mixed with the trinity then rolled in breadcrumbs then fried? I’ve had it as an appetizer or included in a crawfish stew or soup.

  5. Katybug! You’re so funny! And yes, that’s right about boulette. We’ll talk more about it when the recipe comes up. Of course, it will be the bayou version, which has a couple slight nuances.

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