Migratory birds make landfall at Grand Isle, LA!

femalescarletOne bird!

Rose breasted gross beak pairTwo birds!

summertanagerRed bird!

indigobuntingBlue bird!

How’s that to whet your appetite?

Okay, now I’m going to ask my birding friend Kim to mouse over each one and make sure I have them labeled correctly.  And then, there are about two more good birding posts to come and a couple of birds I need her to identify positively for us!

Can’t wait to share the rest of the pics with you!

I am your birding


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  1. wow, what beautiful birds. Ive heard you talk about tangers, are they very big? That indobunting…does he stick around there or continue northward?
    Ive seen some bluebirds already, getting ready for the hummers. Plz let me know when you spot them, Ill start making & hanging my nectar. Cant wait to see what you will post next.

  2. The bluebird is beautiful. I never saw so many different birds than when we were in Belize. Our tour guide said that the birdwatchers were the most enthusiastic tourists he’d ever seen……except for me because I was taking NOTES as he talked!! HA. Have you ever had someone take notes on your tours? How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful natural area, but as you point out it requires wise stewardship.

    I like your little rhyme!

    – Suzanne

  3. Think we call those scarlet tanager. One zipped around Fourchon while I was visiting the young’un who has a camp at Du. They will be here around end of May.

  4. SM….I live in Abita Springs, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, and we’ve had hummers for the past month or so.; ditto the blue birds. Several of the hummers are repeat customers from last year. They stop and “hum” right in my face when their feeder gets low.

    Cuz… usual, amazing pictures!

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