New Year's Eve – 2011 — 20 Comments

  1. Ye always know how to pass a good time – those goodies look delicious!

    Don’t fret after “things not done” – it’s a wonder to most o’ us how ye manage to get done the things ye DO!
    Never look back with regret – only memories – and full sails ahead into the next adventure!

    The happiest o’ New Years to ye and the whole family – fair winds, following seas and full tankards!

  2. Thanks for a great Christmas celebration! (And I lovedlovedloved that your menu is in the shape of a tree!) That shrimp dip was heavenly. I’d like to eat some more as soon as possible. And it was so good on celery! I bet it’d be good stuffed in little cucumber cups, too. Mmm. Happy new year!

  3. My husband passed just into the year 2000. He was almost 70 and had developed throat cancer–not from smoking, but possibly from being around (missile) rocket engine test stands for a lot of years.

    We had met over a rocket engine for the Atlas missile at Cape Canaveral back in the late 50s.

    At any rate, as I drove home from the hospital somewhat after midnight people were out here and there shooting off firecrackers.

    But the people across from us were really going at the fireworks.

    At first I was a bit irritated, but then I looked at the fireworks display as a “welcome” to a rocket man.

    • What a touching story, Sue. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you can find some joy in the memory of your rocket man as this year goes out and the a new one comes in. BW

  4. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We’ll start our day attending church, then all my children, their spouses, and the 8 grandchildren will come over for the traditional New Years day lunch. Hubby and I then plan on shooing them out so we can head to Ms. for a few days.
    Back to Christmas…y’all looked as though you had a good time. We did too, but there wasn’t any dancing going on here. BTW,I too like your “Tree Menu”.

  5. Well, whatever we get done or don’t, there’s a fresh new year on the doorstep, so we might as well let go of the old and embrace the new.

    I love your post – all the pics and the menu remind me of my family’s “old” Christmases. But, I’ve got my post up about my “new” Christmas in your wonderful state – talk about passing a good time! We surely did.

    I can’t wait to see your Speckled Trout Drive sign in place. And it’s possible I can help you out with the old house. Let me make a couple of inquiries. 😉

    Happy New Year to you (and everyone!) Best wishes for true joy in the coming months!

    • Linda, I follow your blog and read your newest post as soon as I got the email! Lil Sis and I love Breaux Bridge, and I can picture you at Des Amis, them pushing back the tables, and the people dancing. I love the brick walls in that place. Lil Sis and I wandered the downtown streets one morning, and I got some fabulous light and shadow photos of the old buildings. Isn’t it amazing how nice and cordial the people are? I mean, your hostess didn’t have to tell you about the Acadian Village lights or how to get there. I could sense the excitement and delight in your words and am looking forward to part two about the bonfires. Keep on letting those good times roll, cher!

  6. I consider finding you and this blog one of the best things I did in this old 2011 year. God bless you and your family and I will try to have a little peace and quiet to think with a little later and get you an email. Hopes to you for a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year! Cy in a very warm North Carolina!

    • Meeting you and your children (well cyber-meet) was one of my 2011 blessings, Cyrena. An email from you with an update on the children would be a wonderful way to start the new year! Thank you for the warm wishes and I send the same up your way!

  7. 2011 a whole year without any Lousiana.
    Back was terminally fried all summer, barely worked.
    Type 2 diabetes decided to go insulin dependent.
    Went on disability 1st week of October.
    Death in family Thanksgiving that is a mess yet.
    No ice after fall crappie run was iffy.
    I ain’t dead yet.

    Fireworks (illegal) are going off big time here.
    Actually right over my yard.
    I am insured but it has been wet.

    Happy New Year. It better be.

    • Last time you were Loozy was 11/10
      Didn’t know back was fried again
      Sorry ’bout the needles
      Disability means retirement?
      Death not a mess–
      The living are.
      No ice, no dice.
      Glad you’re still alive.

      Illegal fireworks here too, of the commercial kind. Kaboom and kabow made the dogs howl.

      And the New Year will be happy!

  8. Our celebration was with a full house of family, 2 tables & the washer top groaning with food, I think I heard a few buttons pop and I know the antacid tablets were flowing freely after they wiped out 3 dozen stuffed peppers in less than 15 minutes. And that was before the meal even began.
    I loved your Christmas tree menu too. Very imaginative and the photos were filled with happy people having a wonderful time. I’ll be looking forward to more columns from you in the coming year.

    Happy New Year!

  9. I appreciate the introspection as the year concluded. We do all have history…and we do share the same space…good sentiments and best to you this new year…Phil

  10. Happy New Year, BW.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful year.

    Love the Christmas pictures. Looks like ya’ll had a good time.

    I think I gained a pound, just looking at your Christmas goodies. YUM.

    • Thank you so much! I wrote you an email!! We did have a good time–well at least I did : ) Remind me–I’m not making that many goodies next year!!! Everyone was too full to eat and they left them all here to fatten me up some more!

  11. Loved the pictures and good eats.
    We spent Christmas in Georgia with sister and hubby.
    Our days are never finished…but we should strive to make a difference every day
    Happy New Year 2012

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