Plastic Bottles and Prehistoric Fish — 60 Comments

  1. I most definitely will be watching for Ricky,”Bayou Fabio”‘ and his adventures on Swamp People. One of my favorite shows to follow.

    • I will need to do a post of opening night as soon as it’s over so everyone can chime in next morning about the show. I’ll be curious to know what others think of this throwback friend, who will become a friend to all!!!

  2. I am so glad you write these stories. I really enjoy them and i am glad you tell us when he might be on swamp people. I guess I am a little slow, but i did not realize he was Native American. that makes it more interesting to me.

    • Well, Louise, you’re not slow. I’m not sure if I clearly spelled that out in any previous stories about him, and down here, many of the Houma people can be recognized by their last names; namely Billiot, Dardar, Fitch, Verret (or any derivation thereof), Verdin, and a couple other lesser known names. However, my readers would not have gathered that knowledge by osmosis, so thanks for point that out to me. I anticipate writing more and more about him and the Houma Indian heritage as time goes on. Thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter!

  3. GREAT post! This is why yer blog is so important – spreading knowledge, facts about real folk in ‘da Bayou’ and why IT is so important to life, culture and the history o’ Louisiana. Can’t wait to see Rickey on TV…the audience will be in for a treat.

    • Well, thanks so much, Capt. Now, if we could just get me paid to write this blog, I could stop doing some of these other things that “pay the bills” and spend more time writing about Life in the Louisiana Wetlands, which is really my passion! (HINT: to other readers, this means that a change might be on the horizon where this blog may post some paying ads, but hopefully those will not detract from the friendly atmosphere we have fostered here over the past five years.)

      • I wish you well in that area. Nothing could detract from your writing, believe me. But advertisers here would be kinda neat, too!

  4. I already own a pair of earrings made by scales gathered from his fishing, I can say I had his scales before he was famous! 🙂 We can’t wait to watch this season. We have alligator gar here too and nothing is as scary as zipping through the lake on a jet ski and have one jump right in front of you or beside you and all you see is massive fish coming at you. Now when I see one I think, oh I need more earrings! Lol

    • Hey Warhorse, can you tell us a little more about your history with gar meat? I will be blogging some recipes in the near future, and I’m always interested in what others have done with this meat that most folks just pass up.

  5. I too, didn’t realize “Bayou Fabio” is a Houma Indian. As his agent, we’re you able to be present at any of the tapings of Swamp People? How many episodes will he appear on this season?

    • Read my reply to Louise, who said the same thing about his ancestry. When I cast him, I was acting as his agent. Now I’m acting as his manager (albeit a harried one); but for two long, hot, tedious weeks last September, I ran the film boat and acted as translator. It was a grand experience, we worked long, hot days, and y’all probably didn’t hear much from me during that time (plus I had camp rentals to tend to and a fishing charter in the middle of all that!). I’m pretty sure blogging fell by the wayside, although I was DYING to post something and let y’all know the excitement that was taking place down here. History in the making!!!!

  6. I cannot wait to see him on TV again (I saw him once before guiding on a show and you confirmed it was him). I’ve also never forgotten that picture you first posted of him, it was after Katrina and he was walking through the wreckage. It was a stunning picture and I hope you still have it. He’s going to do great on TV and I’m very happy for him. I’ll always think of him as Bayou Fabio 🙂

    • Hey!!! It’s so great to hear from you again! You have a great memory about the photo of BF. That’s a great story, too. I’m pretty sure it was after Gustave and Ike, though, in 2008. I absolutely still have that photo. I was so happy to see him because I thought the storm had gotten him! Glad you’re going to watch and root for our one and only BF!

  7. BTW isn’t that boat of BF’s the same type that BW uses? Wide flat hull, terrible in ruff water and extreme wind, but carries a shallow draft with room for the whole family? Or am I just imagining again?

    • Yes, Oh Observant One, we have the same brand of boat; however, mine is 24 feet long and she takes the seas pretty well because of the length. And she only draws about a foot of water, too. And yes, she can carry about 18 people stuffed in like sardines, but I only ever take six at a time on tours for safety reasons. Nope, you weren’t imagining again!!!

  8. Gosh, this was an enjoyable read. I need to go dig out my gar scale jewelry! I’ll have to find a way to watch his episode – I rarely think about not having a tv, but then, there’s never anything I worry about missing. Does History Channel live-stream their programming, or do you have to get episodes later via youtube or DVD? (I guess I can figure that out for myself!)

    Like the others, I didn’t realize that our hero is Houma Indian. I don’t really know much about the tribe – I began learning about Louisiana Indians with the Chitimacha. But it seems to me there might be someone else around here with Houma connections who can help fill in the gaps in our knowledge!

    Maybe you need to be the one to start his official fan page!

    • Linda, throughout the years on this blog, I’ve refer to “us” as “bayou people” because the folks down here, while not all Houma Indians, are of different backgrounds; and not Cajun, even though many of them and their ancestors spoke French (and some of them still speak French in the home). I guess maybe I need to fill in the gaps myself!! The history of the Houmas is very difficult to trace, with mounds of conflicting information due to the language barriers at the time. Things changed meaning in translation from Indian to French (possibly Spanish) and to English.

      About Rickey: The official fan page is already established on FB but will not be made public until his episodes begin to air. There are other things in the works, as well. The hardest part is convincing him that viewers might like him as much as they like Troy or the Guist brothers, and others!! He just can’t fathom being famous for what he does. To him, it’s just catching gar fish and making a living.

  9. It’s interesting you mentioned people as far north as Shreveport buying his gars. There used to be a tiny seafood market at the foot of the bridge near my grandparents’ house, going towards Shreveport. That’s where I bought my first gar steaks. Grandma was shocked! Never heard of people eating that ugly fish! Cooked it for her and she had to admit she liked it “alright”.

    My former mother-in-law made the best gar-balls. She cooked them in a thin broth then served it with rice.

    • Thanks for sharing that memory. I have a very vague memory of that place on Texas Street in Bossier City. (For those of you reading who might not know, Katy Bug and I are first cousins. She grew up near New Orleans, while I grew up in Bossier. Our grandmothers lived on the same street in old Bossier City, and I always looked forward to her visits from our South La.!) I don’t think I had ever seen an alligator gar up close and personal until I photographed a six-footer Rickey caught about eight years ago.

  10. Oh my goodness! I’ll have to hike over to my son’s house to watch this! How cool is that, BW! And I wanted to tell you, my youngest son drove across LA last week and loved it, wants to go back. My Dad, you know, was born and raised in NO, so maybe that heritage is calling to my young’un.

    • I’m sure that heritage did more than call to him on his travels through LA. I bet those long tendrils reached out and grabbed him, LOL! Next time he comes to visit, those tendrils will hold him even longer, especially if he comes down for a tour of the marshes and swamp. I hope he looks me up!

  11. I love it, “A good wife saves the reciepts and exchanges the clothes for a bigger size when no one is looking!”

    She is a good wife, LOL.

    • Hmmm….. I am wondering if that was a Labradoodle with a bad hair cut? I mean it could have been a standard Poodle, probably was in fact, but the labradoodles are starting to show up more often these days.

      Matching little bows on Si’s beard and the dog’s ears would have really put it over the top though. ROFL

      • Oh my goodness, the bows would have been the perfect touch!! 🙂
        I’ve admired standard poodles for years and found out in my research years ago that the original breed were very good hunting dogs. Yep, Labradoodles are showing up in lots of places. A good friend of mine has a new pup of that type she is training to be a therapy dog, and he appears to be quite smart at just a young age. So, I have to wonder if a Labradoodle takes the best of both breeds and puts them together , or reduces the best of both by half? Hmmmmmm . . . . . . .

    • Termite and I were watching, and I told him that it was a different jacket (since I’m a good wife, too!), and sure enough, we good wives run in good company, LOL! We laughed so hard when Jeb said “don’t let that ax slip and hit it you in the stomach–gravy might spill out”!!!!

  12. Ok, so how many others were expecting when Liz’s daughter hooked the first catfish out of the “gator’s” mouth, for it to be a big alligator gar? LOL….

    I wasn’t even thinking catfish. BW has put Aligator gar on my mind!

  13. I just want to offer a big THANK YOU to all the blog followers and to welcome a couple of new followers. I appreciate y’all. And to those who are following the comments here, if you would also like to follow the blog posts as they are released, please click the link in the left-hand column and follow the prompts. That way, you’ll be notified by email of new posts and be kept up to date on what we’re talking about!

  14. Am looking forward to watching Rickey’s debut on ‘Swamp People.’

    I’ve watched it, from time to time, but not regularly. I’ll do better from now on!

    Gar scale jewelry sounds intriguing. I’m slowly backing away from buying more dangly earrings but a pendant on a chain sounds nice. Or a bracelet.

    I’ve never seen any for sale around here, though. Got any leads on a good online outlet?

    • Well, Ms. Gue, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Look over there in the right-hand side-bar and see that box that says Wetland Treasures? That’s my friend Kim who makes these items from garfish scales she gets down here from him. I wrote an entire post about it if you want to search my blog for it, too. Kinda neato! I’m not sure what she has for sale in her Etsy shop right now, but if you leave me a comment to her, I’ll make sure she gets it and lets you know what she has in stock as far as pendants go!!!

        • Hi Gue, You can check out my Etsy shop like Wendy mentioned. I have to say that I don’t have everything listed at the moment. I had to make a quick trip back home to stay with my parents for a bit but when I get back next week, I’ll have many new items listed. I didn’t have time to get them online before I left.

    • Yes, thanks for the reminder, and I need an assistant. Are you applying for the job? : ) I had a meeting last night and only caught the tail end. And yes, SP is tonight! And yes, BW is very, very busy. Tonight she has to work concessions at her son’s high school baseball game.

    • LOL…. Poetic justice, artistic license, maybe artistic justice….. LOL
      My fingers just were not in sync with my mind.

      • I answered you this morning, but WordPress ate my reply, obviously, as it is not here. Yes, they took artistic license, as you and I both well know. I guess in their mind it might be a bayou town. Hey, it’s a college town through which Bayou Lafourche runs, right? : ) How did y’all like ZZ?

  15. Awesome article! I actually watched this guy in a youtube video that was very interesting. I would like to meet this guy someday.

  16. I have come across this article and wonder how you find this gentleman to purchase a bucket of his hat scales? I am interested in his green was with patina!! I have so loved this article on him and his skills at fishing. Born and raised in Louisana, we love our fishing and state and outdoors. Thank you!

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