House Update, Odds and Ends

Well, folks, I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail here for the past week or so.  The progress on the house is slow, and the rough electrical and plumbing do not tend to be the subject of beautiful photography.

However, these behind-the-scene things are vital to a house running smoothly.  You know, things like flushing toilets, running hot and cold water, and vent pipes that keep the stink from inside the house.

There are drain pipes and vent pipes . . .

there are lovely blue and red incoming water supply Pex pipes.  And before anyone says anything, YES, I requested Pex over PVC or anything else.

Of course we must have a dryer vent through the floor.  The less holes they cut in the rough or walls, the better.

Can you guess what this guy is doing?

This is the short version for now, as other things are screaming for my attention while I’m typing.

Wednesday, I must leave for Shreveport, LA to do wetland presentations and read my book at two schools.  I accepted the invitation long before the house was even started and would never have dreamed we would be ready for sheetrock at this point.   On Saturday, I will be reading at a Barnes and Noble.  I should be back on Sunday, and then I will get more photos of the house and post another update.

Let me hear from you!


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  1. Looking good! This part of the house is one the most important aspects. And water lines and ductwork is something most people who are having someone else build a home for them…never have the opportunity to see the magic behind the walls and the washers and dryers.

  2. Aw shucks, there you apologizing again. The photos are quite colorful. I’ll take a guess at the guy with the heavy machinery. Is he digging a place the for liquid gold? As in a hole for the modad or septic tank, or whatever it is that’s required in your parish.

    1. I know I’m apologizing, but overseeing the building is taking a lot of time and energy, not to mention thought power, that I’ve been neglecting y’all. No, he’s not digging for the plant, but that was a good guess! About to hit the road. Let me know when y’all are ready to come down! Looking forward to it.

  3. Every pipe, every wire is one step closer to FINISHED!! I like the idea of putting a dryer vent thru the floor. Outside pets will love the warm air coming down in the cool weather. Or will the lower portion be closed off?

    1. It will have a flap on it, because we’ve already experienced the fun of our current vent being used as a rat door!!! You know, like a doggie door? LOL! There is a very funny family story about Dotter smacking a rat with a tennis racket as three of us chased it around the house. Funny stuff! It will be too high off the ground to warm any of our animals, though.

  4. I’m so excited for you to be going and reading your book and doing presentations. I have several friends in Shreveport, I’ll have to make mention of it on my facebook.

    1. Well, for some reason the local TV station human interest story guy didn’t ever contact me back about being interviewed on his show. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I went on a date with him in 10th grade and we had a wreck? LOL! Anyway, today went great and was very rewarding.

  5. Looks like he is digging water or electrical line trenches. Hope that is what it is. Just means another step toward finished for you.

  6. OK. Here it is. The link between your house construction and writing ~ and by the way, one of my deepest convictions re:this whole crazy endeavor.

    The better the structure of a story (blog, novel, essay),
    the more plot, character and emotion it can support.

    If you take time to do a good job with the wiring and plumbing, you can add all the gingerbread and potted plants you want without worry!

    How’s that for cheap advice? Have fun in Shreveport!

  7. You’re going to do great and we’ll be thinking of you. The house progress looks good. Is he leveling out the mudholes and widening the driveway?

  8. Oh by the way, everyone, I am at the home of LilSis and TiDu came with me. The presentations went well today. I had not done it for a while, but I think it went pretty well. As soon as the last one was finished around 3 p.m. I got a call from the sheetrock guy asking what to do with the cable and phone wires hanging out of the panel box? HUH? I’m only 330 miles away thank goodness I have hired some great folks to help. The young electrician will go down after work, drill through the plate, and hang the wires down through the floor since the homeowner (that would be me?) has not gotten the cable and phone company to come do their thing yet. Enrique, my sheetrock man, was very patient with me because those wires should not have been in his way. Dear Lord, please let this be the worst thing that comes up while I am away.

    PS And please let the sewage treatment guy have put the plant in the right place today and run the overland flow pipes out to the back of the property in the direction we discusssed.

    Thank you

    BW the long-distance house builder/homeowner

  9. Blu is coming to visit the sportsmen’s paradise middle of April. If he can get the electtro mechanical time off gizmo to work this week.

    Lost the blurb about a new wildflower book written in same sort of train as your otter tale. I’ll search sometime.