Saggy bottom repaired!

7:45 in the early morning cold, they arrived, five trucks and this crew again!

Elevation crew

They were joined this time by the BIG BOSS and owner Barry himself.

Saggy bottom

to repair the approximately 80-year old sagging, hand-hewn cypress 4×4 floor joists shown above.

Big Boss Barry

Here’s the process.  Check it out starting at the ground level.  Wood blocks, jacks, 4×4 props, scaffolding . . .

Sag repair 2

Part of the crew operate the jacks, the others stand on the scaffolding holding the “new” 4×6 up to the “old” floor beams, while the Big Boss and I go upstairs and look at the floor.  The boss then yells at them to go up or down or hold it right there.  They repeated this process with each 6 new beams.


And how did I manage to keep all my expensive paid-for gas pipe work intact?  Cat-Dog, the crew foreman, was handy dandy with a chainsaw.  He notched the last two beams to fit right over the gas pipes.  YIPPEE!!  That made me a happy camper once again!

Sag repaired

See the gas pipes up on the left?  The only pipe I have to replace is a drain pipe they cut, but I can handle that, right?

The saggy bottom is no longer sagging.  They were finished in under two hours.  Don’t we wish it were that easy ladies?!

Thanks for making this right, BigBoss!!!

Tomorrow’s post is going to be another giant step forward folks!!!!

Almost giggling with glee,


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    1. And the great thing is, Em, he admitted that this should have been done when they put the pilings under the house and did not charge me for the materials or the labor. Now, that’s good business! I’m off to contract something else this morning. Wish me luck!

  1. How did you manage the “miracle” of getting a contractor back to do it right. Was it yelling, “feminine tears”, or threat of a law suit? My son and daughter-in-law need pointers. They have just finished building a new home with a $40k metal roof that leaks! (Just the roof cost more than my house AND 200 x 260′ lot cost 32 yrs. ago). I’m glad you were able to get good results with your contractor. Have you done a “marble” test” just to make sure you won’t need to have them back?

    1. Okay, Steffi, I didn’t cry this time. I didn’t yell. I didn’t threaten. I’d like to think that my ability to “win friends and influence people” did the trick. But let me as you–do you thin the fact that I still hold half their pay in my hand have anything to do with his willingness to get this right? With old hand-hewn wood, I don’t expect the floor to pass the marble test; however, it is WAY better than it was before elevation, and it’s much better than it was last week. I am satisfied.

  2. Whatever you paid him to fix your saggy bottom…..tell him I’ll double! My bottom is really saggy. Oh wait, wrong saggy bottom…….

    Glad they got it fixed for you!

    1. LOL Mrs. Coach!!! There was no extra charge for fixing the saggy bottom. Should have been done to start with!!! Too bad we can’t get ours fixed for free, huh? LOL!

  3. I can’t wait to see it when we get to come claim our free night’s stay. I’ll be calling soon to see what we can work out. // SusieC, now SusieCR

  4. MrsCoach, wonder if they give group discounts? but wait…I have more sagging than just my bottom, guess I will have to pay a double portion of that bill!!! BW Im thrilled to see things looking up down there!!! That post really lifted my spirits.

  5. It’s the second story, not a saggy bottom for me! So I guess I won’t be eligible for membership in the “saggy bottom” club! LOL

  6. I’m glad you got it fixed. I can’t wait to see it.

    Steffi, there is a house close to my work with a sign in the front yard that says I got my leaky roof from so and so roofers. Just a suggestion. LOL