Swamp People Odds and Ends

Well, it’s that time again–time to start preparing for the 2012 alligator hunting season.  The final episode of Swamp People aired last Thursday night, with R.J. and Troy battling it out for the “King of the Swamp” bragging rights.  Although I didn’t see anyone make a big fuss over which one actually holds the title, the show would have us believe that both men filled their 500 alligator tag quotas.  And if they did, well, good for them.

I’m wondering, though, since they made such a big deal out of the fact they both had 500 tags, why would the producer not go ahead and show stats of who had the biggest gators overall to break the tie?

After wondering about that for a while, I realized that if they wanted to hand out that title to the person who had the biggest alligator, and not necessarily the most tags, then the title would not be King of the Swamp at all.  It would have to be Queen of the Swamp, because I’m pretty sure the Liz and Kristy hauled in the single largest alligator this past season.  And I think it was over 13 feet.  So, all you avid viewers out there can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about that little fact.

With another alligator season upon us at the end of August, it’s time for the producers of Swamp People to find fresh talent.  They will be out in full force doing casting calls.  I know one of the best alligator hunters around and have posted stories about this family here on this blog, but you’ll never see them on Swamp People.  Why?  Because they hunt on an alligator lease owned by a land corporation that will not allow any filming whatsoever on their leases.

That’s really disappointing because there are quite a few characters who would make good TV that hunt on leases owned by this company.  I guess I’ll just have to continue to write about them here since you won’t ever get to meet them on television.

One more thing–from the last episode, it looks like Gator Queen Liz won’t be taking me on as her trusty helper like I hoped.  Kristy did such a great job, Liz said she’ll be keeping her on the job.  Oh well . . . . I could dream, right?

Meanwhile, I’m cleaning up the .22 rifle and sighting it in just in case the call ever comes.

So, if you know anybody who has at least 50 tags and is licensed to hung gators, give them this vital information.  Heck, even if you know someone who is a “swamp dweller” in other  ways, the casting crew are welcoming your emails and pics of these folks whom you think would make for good TV viewing.  I say GO FOR IT!  The worst they can do is not answer your email or answer with a “no”.

Original Media and the Casting Firm are seeking experienced alligator hunters – real MEN & WOMEN who live off the swamp. Can be a duo, group, family or individual.
To find out more information and to apply email:
Please include photos, contact numbers, and let us know why you have what it takes to be the next Swamper!
***All hunters must be legal US residents, fully licensed, and have at least 50 tags for the upcoming hunting season.

BATON ROUGE, LA: Sunday, July 22nd, 2 – 6 PM
Twin Peaks Restaurant
6990 Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 293-1955

BEAUMONT, TX: Sunday, July 22nd, 1 – 4 PM
4020 Dowlen Road, Beaumont TX.

HOUMA, LA: Saturday, July 28th, 11 – 5 PM
Big Al’s Seafood
1377 West Tunnel Blvd Houma, LA 70360
(985) 876-4030
WEBSTER, TX: Saturday, July 28th, 12 – 3pm
Buffalo Wild Wings
528 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX

LAFAYETTE, LA: Saturday August 4th, 12 – 6 PM
Bootlegger’s Bar
522 Jefferson St. Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 212-9886

There you have it.  The official casting call for Swamp People, compliments of LilSis.  I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing it with you.

If you refer someone and they end up on the show, please be sure and let me know so I can write about it and share with everyone here, okay?


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  1. You know I don’t see whay you couldn’t make a casting call your self. I mean look at the Geist Brothers who were on the show. They didn’t hunt gators but definately lived off the land. I beliueve you could somehow fit in there. I’d love to see you on the show.

  2. I believe that you would be an asset to the program. Go for it!!!! Just think of all the causes you could shed light on. They might just want someone with a wide variety of information to add to the program.

  3. If I recall correctly, Troy did not have 500 tags to fill. He had 480 but he did catch the largest gator this season. It was about an inch longer than Liz’s.

    1. Oh really? That’s good to know. I didn’t get to see every show, so I’m glad you cleared that up for us! I was secretly hoping her gator was longer! So, are you saying that they DID mention that on the show? I guess maybe the narrator mentioned it? Thanks again, Donnakay! BW

  4. We love swamp pople and having lived in Homua find the show fun. what I’d like to know is how much do the hunters have to pay for tags? They kept referring to them losing money if they didn’t tag out? and how much is an alligator worth these days?

    1. Hi Cindy! Good questions. For the hunters who hunt private lands or public lands (where there is no hunt lottery), there is no fee for the tags. But if you get chosen for a lottery hunt, the tags are $40 each. But lottery hunters usually only get about 3 tags anyway. The reason they lose money is because that tag is worth whatever price you might get for the alligator you might have caught. In other words, if Kleibert didn’t fill say 20 tags, and each gator he could have caught averaged 8 feet, and the sale price was $25 a foot, then he potentially lost $400. The price of gators has gone way down since animal rights activists have made the killing of animals and the wearing of their hides and fur undesirable or even shameful. Furthermore, the gator farms are suffering because of the severe drop in the market for alligator hides. At one time, I talked to a gator farmer west of here, and he said his company had 100,000 hides in cold storage in Thailand because there was no market for them. The main market right now is watch bands–not much market for big-ticket items like alligator boots, handbags, shoes, belts, etc. I say WEAR MORE GATOR, along with WEAR MORE NUTRIA FUR!!! Thanks for visiting back down the bayou and please stick around. We have a good time here! BW

  5. Wear more gator and eat more gator meat. I haven’t tried Nutria. Have you? That is one ugly creature with it’s long yellow teeth.
    BTW, I also think Troy had the largest gator this year with Liz a very close second. R.J. just had a BIG head.

    1. Ho ho ho, ha ha ha, he he he! That’s me laughing really hard at your “R.J.” remark! That’s funny! No, never had a nutra-burger, although there was a HUGE push to try to get folks to try nutria several years ago, especially since the bounty program–all they sell are the tails and all that good herbivore meat goes to waste. They are herbivores, and it probably does taste pretty good, but it really is hard to wrap your head around eating a huge rat!!!

          1. On those beavers – the answer is “yes”. Fermented beaver tail is quite a delicacy in some parts. I didn’t know that until I read a few years ago about a pair of sisters who died from beaver tail botulism. I couldn’t find their story, but I did find this .

            See? It’s good to have a yankee around from time to time to answer questions!

            1. It’s ALWAYS good to have YOU around, Linda!!! Thanks for the link, but I’ll have to read it later. Getting ready for radio show right now.

  6. I would love to be able to buy a pair of alligator boots for my husband. And I wouldn’t mind having an alligator purse. I also wear a fur coat (it’s real) and if anyone every douses it with something to ruin it, I’ll be wearing stripes! I worked for that coat. I do not condone cruelty to animals but, I guess it is where/how you were raised as to how you feel about real hides being used. You think the animal rights folks are all vegans??

  7. Wouldn’t that be a great surprise for him? I’m sure they are out there, but the price is so dog gone high now, it’s for the rich and famous only those who are brave enough to wear animal hides! And wear your fur coat proudly, Cammy. It’s not only how you were raised, it’s just your way of life. My guess is that animal rights activists would have to be vegan, because vegans do not eat any animal product at all–not even eggs, milk products, etc. I could be wrong, but I see it as a religion, and that’s fine. But when a person’s religion affects another person’s means of supporting their family, then we have a serious problem. The fur trapping industry has gone to zero. After the alligator season was over, it was time to get the traps ready for the winter trapping season. That was how they made money in the winter. Now, that option is totally off the table. And with the nutria bounty program we have now, they only sell the tails and the furs go to waste out in the marsh. Nutria fur makes a beautiful heavy coat for cold climates like Russia. And hats, too. But there’s just no fur market any more. Oh well, don’t get me started on how our culture is slowly dying. Sorry, can’t help myself.


    Lets see, its tomorrow morning 8:00, WWL New Orleans (BIG power station) 870 AM, 105.3 FM. Bayou Woman and Don Dubuc? Or is that ESPN 1350 AM? Ok, I wasn’t confused till now.

    Talking about the recent Louisiana popularity on the cable shows? Simple solution, its due to the Louisiana men’s rugged good looks. Juste pour faire fondre tous les coeurs de jeunes filles……

  9. Well, by gosh. Those alligator/swamp people folks are going to show up in Webster at the Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s right over by the Petco I go to. I might have to entice a friend to go over and scope out the proceedings. I do know that some guys over in Anahuac are going to give it a go, and I hear that Hackberry Rod and Gun has been publicizing it.

    We were completely overrun with alligators this spring. The best one was the 14 footer that showed up on the side of highway 288, trying to cross to the other side. You can bet that slowed traffic for a while!

    1. I guess adding some Texan gator hunters might switch things up a bit! OF course, the gators have to be bigger, because you know what they say . . . .

      1. They’ll just try to show La. up by putting a saddle on them and riding them to the buyers.

  10. This is a public service announcement!

    The film “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is going to be playing in Houma at the Houma Palace on July 27. It’s a Sundance Film Festival winner set in your part of the country. Click here to see the trailer! Rotten Tomatoes has a good review.

    1. Thanks for the PSA. Last time I looked, Houma was NOT on the list, so I guess the folks who own the Palace wised up and decided it was worth the effort. I will be posting it officially soon.

      1. I just went and double checked. I saw Houma on the film website, but I don’t see it on the Palace website, so you’d better check it out. They may have done rescheduling and not updated the film website, although I can’t imagine that. Of course, I can’t believe it’s not coming to Houston, either, so there you are. 😉