Three little reasons . . .

Barred Owl in cypress swamp in lower Terrebonne Parish, LA

Night heron in cypress swamp in lower Terrebonne Parish, LA

Little Blue Heron in cypress swamp in lower Terrebonne Parish, LA

to reduce my carbon footprint so that my country may in turn reduce its dependence on oil, both domestic and foreign, but especially that found in and coming from the inland marshes of south Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Bayou Woman

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  1. Can you believe it? I’ve been sitting here doing blog chores for the past hour, listening over and over again to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds!

    This is the very best video of the song ever. EVER!
    Betcha it’ll make you feel better, too!

    And your birds are beautiful.

    1. So, I’ll have to wait until my techno-son gets home from school tomorrow and hooks up speakers to my desktop before I can hear this audio/video song; but isn’t it more than just a tiny co-inky-dink that you were listening to Three Little Birds while I was blogging about them. I mean, are we THAT connected already?

  2. The Owl I recognize, but I need “ejucatin” about the other two. The second one, I’ve seen in photos but have no idea what it’s called.

    1. All you need do is “scroll over” and the text tells you what they are . . . . and these were all three seen in the same swamp, which is on my tour route for the luckiest who get to go there.

  3. Beautiful!
    Steffi, BW put the names under the last photo I think. Blue Heron and Night Heron??

  4. Love the pictures. You do have an eye for capturing nature’s beauty.
    Thanks for your time and efforts

      1. Up to my neck in work now thru middle of July. Maybe I’ll bring an umbrella and cold watermelon for you so we can take the tour.

  5. Bayou Woman is having trouble sleeping at night when she should be and having trouble staying awake in the daytime when she should be. Any advice?

  6. Go wit de flow.

    Blu sleeps when he sleeps.

    Out to local pond tonight and Great Horned Owl picked a couple fish out of the water. No Bat sightings tonight.

  7. If you figure out the answer to the sleeping problem, let us all know please. For some reason, everyone down this way is having trouble sleeping. My son came by this evening and he was dragging. Said he woke up at 1:30am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Hope he sleeps tonight. He gets really cranky when he is tired. I think it is the humidity that is the problem here.

  8. Thank you for your comment, though I’ve had more gloom and doom today than I can stand. With BP finally releasing the videos of the oil leak, and now posting a live feed, it’s just more than I can bear to look at. I am literally sick over this tonight. Now, I’m just hoping I can put this all out of my mind enough to go to sleep. Please don’t be offended if tomorrow, I delete your comment, just because I simply can’t handle the bad, bad news. Sorry.