Time for a Wetland Lesson — 9 Comments

  1. Excellent post! I hope you’ll keep us updated on the success of the Marsh Island refuge. You know I feel “America’s Wetlands” are important to America.

  2. awesome post and the video was great- you are such a fantastic advocate for our beautiful coastal wetlands!! As you know- the marsh is my fav. place to be .

  3. Not to be the bearer of bad tidings but they are calling for record flooding this year snow pack is incredible up here and north. It slides down hill to Mississippi river.

  4. Didn’t that happen once before not too long ago Blufloyd? We are having some flooding in our area because of the snow melt and more snow due Wednesday.

    I am beginning to wonder if we were relocated to the north and just didn’t know it. This isn’t Texas weather at all.

  5. With all the sediment flowing down the Mighty Mississippi, maybe the next place to do this would be in the Plaquemines Parish area. It would be wonderful if there were about 20 of the “projects” going on simultaneously. OK, I’m greedy…something like this operation is long overdue! I’m not in “marshy” areas very often, but I’ve seen how things have changed considerably in the last 10-15 yrs. GOOD POST, BW! I hope more people post this video to there blogs. I will encourage everyone in my address book to watch it.

  6. As far as sediment, farming practices up here have got the streams as clear as I have ever saw them. Hoping for sediment load in anything other than wipe out flood conditions is fooling yourself in modern times.

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