Wade Fishing at Coon Point — 9 Comments

  1. Do you ever have problems with the pelicans when you’re fishing? I remember watching pelicans try to catch fisherman’s fish when they would reel them in while we were in Florida.

    Have fun with Mrs. Coach!

    • So far, we have not had that problem. The problem is more with the seagulls. If you’re not paying attention to the sky overhead when you cast, a gull might come from behind and grab your hook, mid-air, and get himself all messed before you can stop it from happening. Not a pretty sight.

  2. Pretty nice, wish I was there, no boat issues, looks like you got it all dialed in except for the jumping out and wading part.

      • I think I’d invest in a boat ladder. At our age(s)…getting your foot on the prop and your butt over the transom can be a real challenge (as well as comical).

        • Oh, Termite thought it was hilarious when the boat went down, I tried to go over, and the boat went down again on my shin. It STILL hurts!!! Banged it up pretty good. So, then I found climbing in the back by the engine much easier and safer!

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