CONTEST: Match the photo!


Here it is–something to take up all your precious weekend time relaxing with the family in front of the TV watching the earth-shattering Super Bowl. If you’re like me, your earth won’t be shattered if you don’t watch it and … Continue reading

A Different Point of View


EPBush wants  another point of view.  Ask and ye shall receive! From the back deck, this is the south side of the house, looking toward the bayou. Then this is the north side of the house facing toward the bayou.  … Continue reading

Saggy bottom repaired!


7:45 in the early morning cold, they arrived, five trucks and this crew again! They were joined this time by the BIG BOSS and owner Barry himself. to repair the approximately 80-year old sagging, hand-hewn cypress 4×4 floor joists shown … Continue reading

Camp Dularge has a saggy bottom!


If you’re new to the bayou, you might want to jump over here to see how Camp Dularge went from being on 18-inch house blocks to 9-foot pilings. After the back steps were built, and I was able to go … Continue reading

All in a Day's Rest–I mean work!


Four delightful young adults  joined me for a winter wetland tour.  Oliver and Ryan, originally from New York, drove from New Orleans where they now live and work.  Along with them came Craig from Memphis and Katy, a recent Tulane … Continue reading