Bald Cypress – Sentinels of the Swamp — 18 Comments

    • Thank you, Dede. Originally, the article was published with only one photo, but I had time this morning to pull some from my files and add to help with visualization! Everybody loves pictures, right?

  1. Great to hear about a new salt-tolerant strain o’ Cypress! I’ve loved these trees (and the accompanying Spanish Moss) my whole life and hate to see the state o’ them today. They are the QMs “birth tree” apparently – though the first she ever saw were in Florida wetlands about 2006.
    Something very serene about a good grove o’ Cypress…though they are almost always full o’ life!

  2. Wendy, I still recall fondly our day on the boat and you showing me the cypress swamp for the first time….hauntingly beautiful! Thank you for the day AND the memories~

  3. You’re most welcome, Louise, and glad you enjoyed it. Trust you had a nice birthday. I’m ready for spring, too. AND BOILED CRAWFISH!!!!

  4. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it. As a side note, you should have mentioned that you have a feature wall of Pecky Cypress at Camp Dularge.

    • 1000 words or less on this article!!! Most of the time, I only get 800 words, and this type of journalism doesn’t always allow me add my personal touch, and there is an editor who has the final cut!!! But you’re right . .. would’ve been an nice touch. There are actually two walls, one bar, and a 300 year old slab as a bar top!!!

      • I’d forgotten about the bar/top. I actually wouldn’t expect you to write about Camp Dularge for a published piece. Just on the Blog.
        Nice article regardless and NOW others know about Camp Dularge’s interior.

  5. What a great article, and such nice photos. I’m so glad you’re getting published. I was interested in the development of the salt-tolerant trees. Farther west in Texas, there’s a pesky little plant called salt cedar, but we certainly don’t like it. It’s an invasive, a water-hog, and capable of destroying riparian areas. It’s a bad plant — at least here.

    That first photo looked so familiar — sort of like this! I keep threatening to make it back, but I think this could be the year that it happens.

    • Well, you know your swamps well, because I do believe both photos were taken in the same place! Just varying times of the year. Stop threatening and make this the year! I’m looking forward to it!

  6. Well written and lovely photos. I’d expect no less.

    It reminds me of the times Dad and I would drift through Sparkleberry Swamp. Better’n a big bottle of valium to get rid of the stress of daily life.

    • Sparkleberry Swamp! What a great name. I’d definitely ride into a swamp with a name like that! You are so right about a ride through the swamp being a stress relief! I take a dose as often as I can!

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