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  1. The Saints won the superbowl! NO school today! I hear the Colt’s fans could only blame a snow day to get the day off.

    I wish I had been there thats a fine looking spread ya’ll be feasting on. Chili was great, and I am still paying the price! I know too much info there but “Come On Ice Cream!”

  2. How about those SAINTS? That was a fun second half of the game and like BW I am not a fan of football. I do enjoy a good Super Bowl party.

    I received my Community Coffee Friday afternoon and enjoyed a cup before going to the Super Bowl party at a friends house. The to go cup is really neat and fun.

    Thanks again Judy

  3. I was in San Antonio when the Spurs won the NBA Finals a few years ago, it was CRAZY fun. I can only imagine what the Superbowl win was like in the bayou.

    • Honey, the Saints came home at 4:00 and the REAL party just started in the big city!!! I have a friend there producing live feed for Fox News, and she says it is CRAZY WILD right now!!!!!!!

  4. It was crazy loud after the game around here too. Fireworks, car horns, and screaming. Hubby and his cousin laughed their tails off at me. When the Saints went ahead, I jumped up and did a “happy dance”. BTW, the ONLY thing I had to drink was 2 cups of Community Coffee. When I finally got in bed last night, my face was hurting from grinning so much!
    Saints “Ain’ts” No Mo!

  5. My husband is a Cowboy fan but, he was cheering for the Saints.
    Man, those wings looked good and so did that sausage. My little rotisserie got a good work out and we had some very good chicken along with a huge baked potato. I think hubby munched on the fresh pico off and on all thru the game. I even had some bread pudding to finish up on.

  6. I’m glad for the Saint’s win, but TOTALLY jealous that there is somewhere in the US that people can actually grill food outside, and not have snow up to their knees!!

    Nice post and pics, BW


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