CooNee does the laundry!

CooNee: “Hey Mommy, whatcha doin’?”

Me:I’m doing the laundry, CooNee.”

CooNee: “Pewee! This laundry is stinky like me!”

Me: “Well, this is how we give the laundry a bath , CooNee”

CooNee: “May I take my bath with the stinky laundry?”

Me: “No, CooNee! The washing machine is a dangerous place for little raccoons.”

CooNee: “Please help me close the door, Mommy!”

Me: “Come on out of there right now. That’s a good girl.”

CooNee:: “Ohhhhh, I see what you mean . . . dangerous . . .”

“…and scary. Look at that stinky laundry going round and round.”

CooNee: “I don’t think my fur would like that very much, huh Mommy?”

Me: “No, baby, that is why I bathe you in the bathtub.”

CooNee: “I hate taking baths.”

CooNee: “And what’s this box for, Mommy?”

Me: “Oh, that’s a big barrel that tumbles round and round blowing very hot air to dry the clean laundry and raccoons who don’t like to take baths.”

CooNee: “Ok, Mommy. Let’s go take my bath now. Last one in the tub’s a stinky laundry!”

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  1. I can see y’all are going to have to be diligent about closing all doors. I had a cat jump in the dryer when I got distracted by a phone call. I don’t know who scared whom the most when I reached in to get the towels out.

  2. This is hilarious! CoNee is cute as a button. Oh, how I adore your front-loading washer. Be still my heart.