Change is a-coming . . .

Not only are we moving back to our home, but this blog is about to get a couple changes of its own.

It has been suggested to me by others that I might try adding my  business endeavors to my blog.

I did not do that from the beginning, since this blog was started for education and awareness of our culture and way of life in the Louisiana Wetlands, and I didn’t want people to think I was exploiting the wetlands for my own personal gain.

But, as it has been pointed out to me,  where I live, my passion, and my work all overlap.  I don’t just live in the Louisiana wetland, I also make my living here.

My tour business is still fairly new . . . and the fishing charter service is even newer.

Eventually, this blog will replace the independent static websites associated with my book, tours, and charters.  That alone will save me quite a few pennies (that way I can give away more cool prizes on this blog!) and will also require less web development skills.  Besides, who can keep up with all the technological changes?  Not me.  I’d rather be writing to y’all than learning a new web design software, right?

So, with the new year comes a new look for this blog and hopefully a new adventure for my family and me in terms of a hurricane-resistant home . . . . .

Please visit when you can.  Hopefully I can post some holiday cheer .  . . if I have time to bake that is.

If not, I’ll see you in the New Year!


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  1. That’s great news. I’ve just stated a separate blog for my road trips and adventures. My gosh….I can just picture a tour of the wetlands with Bayou Woman in my future. I’m already planning to visit Heidi, the Milk Man’s wife up in Wisconsin. Now is you could only tutor me in the computer stuff I’d be all organized like you.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    Road trip blog – htttp://

  2. You talk about “technological changes” , “web development skills” and “Independent static websites” like I talk about cooking supper. I just hope I’ll be able to adjust to the changes. I’m already breaking out in a sweat thinking about them. (LOL) Your next book may need to be titled “BW FOR DUMMIES”! Best wishes with everything. Your Technologically Challenged friend, Steffi

  3. BW for dummies? LOL! That’s a hoot! It all sounds way more difficult than it really is. Honestly, this blog is such a pleasure to work on that it will almost be a relief not to learn a new software to keep up with the advances in web design. By the time I learn something new, it’s obsolete. Thank the WWW for blogs!!!!

  4. Downsizing is very ‘in’ right now.

    Fried up some trout and hush puppies today. Outside of course. Temps went from pleasant 33 deg to 22 and snow while cooking.

  5. Snow, man. No thanks! Termite and I pulled another limit of trout from the lake this weekend . . . . . it’s more of a restructuring than downsizing, though.

  6. I think you’re on the right track. I have storytelling friends who have websites. My blog gets more traffic, and it’s always up-to-date. And it’s free for me! Websites don’t make as much sense as they used to. You can do the same things with a blog, I think, if you structure it properly. I’m looking forward to your new adventures, both in blogland and in your “new” home.

  7. Appreciate the thoughts, Sue, and that is what all my homework was telling me last year when I started this blog. When you do the stats, it’s a no-brainer. And I just hope the change won’t render this down-home type blog way too businesslike.

  8. I’d like to blog but company would fire me and the homeland security types would show up. I am sure.

    Gonna try getting on ice today. Camera ready too.

  9. I think this is such a great idea. I love the idea of consolidating – it means we have to look less to find more about you. I like simplifying things! I think you are on to something, Cher!

    Hope you’ll post some photos soon of Christmas in the Bayous. Some of my most favourite memories, and photos, are of our Christmas times on furlough in Houma…I still chuckle at the 12 gators pulling the pirogue with Pierre-Noel at the reins! 🙂 And I always loved the fishing boats dressed in lights!

    Merry Christmas, and oodles of love and hugs being to you today! (BTW, It’s Tim and my 24th anniversary – wild, eh?) 🙂


  10. Well I am anxious to see your new look and look forward to hearing more about Bayou life. You are what you are, business woman and writer..makes sense to me that we get to see all sides:)

  11. Vance,
    I still have fond memories of y’all visiting us on that furlough. Miah was newborn (his birthday is the 14th) and he was snug in his lambie and baby seat while we listened to the carolers singing outside the bay window. It was a beautiful moment until your crazy hubby walked up to that window and smashed his face against it!!!! LOL!!

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