Chapter 2 – Skinny Corn and the Initiation — 17 Comments

  1. oh sure I’ll take a stab at it. Somebody gots to load the full ones wit out dat sling. Back in my early factory days if you had a ‘strap’ or lifting ‘scissors’ you guarded them with your life and your back.

  2. I too think they were empty, BUT…I also think you had some help. I think you “flipped your long blonde hair” over your shoulder and gained the attention of “The Captain” who was MORE than willing to help.

    • Okay, Steff, I never took you for such a romantic! I wish I could find the black and white photo someone took of me on the back deck while working. You would see the chambray work shirt, the gloves, but the hair would surprise you!

  3. You inferred that you used the pallet strap – but you didn’t.

    A great chapter! You have me waiting for more. Your writing skills are excellent.

  4. This is getting better and better. I love that you left those empty cans all over the yard for them to have to wade thru while reloading the full ones!

  5. Hmm…bonus…you left the empty ones for them to pick up and they and had to put them on a pallet for the sling to do any good.

      • So did you get the fb message that I do not, in fact, own a Community Coffee tumbler? I’m putting this out there with the hope that the universe will smile upon me and my name will finally be pulled to win a prize! (Betwas I really wants one!) 😉

  6. BW, sounds like an inexpensive Christmas gift that’s actually wanted! Hey, do you qualify for the 20% discount like the rest of us?

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