Chapter 8 – Crew Boat Ride — 20 Comments

  1. Though not quite in the same category, I noticed a couple of simularities between your crew boat ride and the cruise Hubby and I took in Nov. 2007 to Bermuda.

    We did have some rough seas coming back and I found I was one of the few passengers out and about. Not too surprising, as the majority of the passengers were retirees of various ages. I’ll admit I did a few Charlie Chaplin one legged bounces but didn’t come close to falling. The buffet was on the upper deck (also fairly deserted!), where the bounce and roll is more pronounced. I didn’t have too much trouble getting my plate and getting to a seat.

    I did have a lot of fun watching our wake, both at night and during the daytime. That phosporescence is cool, isn’t it? And the colors of the water. Dark blues, vivid aquas, all mixed up with the white foam.

  2. There are few times in life that we feel at total peace with the universe but the green phosphorescence (Lord I am glad you could spell that, I couldn’t), breaking over the bow with dolphins on both sides jumping happily in that wake break is one of mine. I loved the surface watch on the bridge , and on a Submarine that meant you were within hours of either tying up or submerging and both were done at either dawn or dusk.

    I was told that the millions of emerald gems in the water was a pledge or sign from Lord Poseidon that you had earned his safe passage back to shore that day. The dolphins were there to ensure it being carried out. That is why in days of old it was not uncommon to hear sea tales of dolphins saving drowning sailors.

    There is nothing more peaceful, face into a breeze, the sun having just set, with the green phosphorescence breaking, the dolphins jumping, and for some strange reason you just know that the world is in good hands. At least until someone breaks the spell.

    I have seen beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the US southwest deserts valleys and gorges, on both sandy coasts high & low, but nothing is as mystic nor beautiful than the sea.

  3. The sea can be hypnotizing and calming. I love it!
    While on our cruise last Jan., our return was VERY rough. Although not calming, it was something we couldn’t take our eyes off. We spent a good portion of our time standing at the railings just looking out to sea.

    Is there more of Chapter 8 for us to read?

    • I guess everyone was expecting some kind of scoop in this story, lol! But with the crew around and the rough seas, there wasn’t much romance on this trip. The only romance was the one budding between me and the Gulf. 🙂 so I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway, Cammy.
      Still raining here and I sure wish I could send it to you. The ground is saturated, the bayou is high, and the mosquitoes are breeding. Yuck!

  4. Thanks for bringing back some memories of working in the gulf. When I hired on with ODECO, they showed me a safety film on how to safely enter and exit a helicopter, but I never got to ride one to the rig. Always rode the crew boat and as long as I could see the horizon, I didn’t get sick. Sherry and I took a cruise last year. A first for me. I didn’t like the rough seas, but when it was calm, it was beautiful. I especailly liked sitting on the balcony at night watching the waves roll by in the light of the moon.
    P.S. Don’t know if its the drought or the 31 days of 100+ temps (111 yesterday), but we hardly have any bugs this year and I haven’t seen but one mosquitoe.

    • Wow, Gordon, I had totally forgotten that you worked for ODECO. You’ll have to email me the details to jog my addle memory. So, to see the horizon, the cap. had to let you in the wheelhouse or you rode on the back deck??? It is the drought AND the temps, because now we have rain, cooler temps, and tons of mosquitoes and every vessel that holds water is breeding them like crazy! Want to swap? Nah, never mind!

  5. Well nicely done . Who needs a lot a words?

    I can tell you driving La 1 first time seemed more like coming home than anything else to me.

    Heat Index is 107 here, blu be into his second beer.

  6. I think I would rather fight the skeeters than the heat! It got to 110º here today and still near 106º at 9pm in nearby areas. I can always put on some repellent but, can’t turn the ac any lower without risking burning it up!
    We sure could use some of that rain.

    • Okay, I’m thankful for the rain and less than 100 degree temps. It’s that hot in Shreveport where LilSis is, too. She said she’s never seen it like this in her whole life up there. Wonder what’s going on? We get our thunder storms from the Gulf, but y’all have no Gulf to help you out. Hang in there, and I hope the worst is over.

  7. Just read all 8 chapters. Love your story, can’t wait for the next chapter. I found you looking for recipes.Also love your portable chicken coop!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Roxy! Did you use the recipe you found? Was it fig preserves? Glad you enjoyed the chapters and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! BW

      • It was fig preserves,and yes I did use it. Loved it! Thanks! As a child on the bayou those long lazy summers were spent swimming, playing tag, then sitting under my great grandmothers fig three and eating them straight from the tree. Wonderful memories!

  8. I grew up on the bayou in De La Croix Island and since Katrina now live near Mc Comb Ms.We still get those gulf flow showers.It makes the heat bearable. I’ll always miss family gatherings outside in the evenings,those orange sunsets over the water and the smell of salt air!

    • Roxy, I visited your area in November after Katrina and wept. I went down to Hopedale, which looks a lot like my bayou, and I was so saddened to see all the camps just wiped off their pilings. It really gave me a reality check of what could happen here with a closer hit of such a large storm. My heart goes out to all of you. I hope our coast is spared this year, though. Thanks again for coming back down this bayou for a visit and I hope you’ll come back again really soon! BW

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